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Vestry meeting of October 15, 2020

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Vestry Meeting Minutes
October 15, 2020
The Vestry meeting was called to order at 6:31 p.m. by Fr. Tom, in Trinity Hall so as to Social Distance safely.
Members Present: Fr. Tom, Rector; Charlene Connolly, Senior Warden;  David Abernethy, Treasurer; Don Anderson, Junior Warden; Joyce Cashin, Judy Allen,  Lee Perry, Dick Emerson, Yvon Hive and Van Geoghegan. Guest present was Richard Breithaupt. 
Fr. Tom opened the meeting with a Prayer.
Kinsley Trust: The floor was open to Richard Breithaupt to discuss and explain documents received by St. Paul’s from the trust of William Kinsley, who was a former parishioner and passed away July 20, 2020.
Fr. Tom made a resolution. We as a vestry will empower our Senior Warden, Charlene Connolly, to contact Anne Kinsley and with great sensitivity discuss what Anne’s feelings are on the trust. St. Paul’s was asked to take their name off the trust. 
Charlene will share the visit with the vestry in a quick manner and the vestry will vote via email on the vestry decision. Dick seconded the motion to accept this resolution. The motion was unanimously approved. The vestry thanked Richard for sharing his knowledge on this issue.

Minutes: Van moved that the September minutes be approved, and David seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. 
Financials:  The September  financials were reviewed with the vestry by David Abernethy. David reported the new condenser for the air conditioner was installed in the church. He commended our Sexton, Gary Dickerson, on a job well done, and for saving the church several hundred dollars by switching companies for the installation.
1.      Farmers Market:
Dick shared a report from Peter Lund, the Farmers’ Market manager. There are 4 produce vendors, seafood vendor, facemask and organic mushroom vendor lined up for the beginning market on November 7.
   Fr. Tom will have Peter speak to the vestry at our November 19 meeting to see how we will be able to proceed with the market.
2.      Rental Rates for church and Trinity Hall:
Junior Warden Don said he did not have any report at this time. November he will share his report on rental rates and agreements.
3.      Wi-Fi in Church:
   Fr. Tom reported he is working with Tom Connolly on a way to split the cable from Trinity Hall, go outside, under the sidewalk, and into church
   for around $500 versus the $1000 bid from Parageeks, with St. Paul’s doing the work. Fr. Tom also reported a parishioner is willing to donate 
   up to $500 to improve the streaming sound in church. These two projects will be worked on together in the next month.
4.      Southwest Florida Diocese Convention:
   Fr. Tom reported October 17, the delegates to convention, Don, Charlene, Van, Fr. Tom, Lee Perry,Fr. Panel and Tom Connolly (to set up the zoom meeting),
   will meet in Trinity Hall for the “virtual” annual convention.
5.      Vestry Elections:

   (Attachment) Fr. Tom reported that vestry terms are ending January 2021 for Charlene Connolly, Yvon Hive, and Lee Perry. He asks that the vestry
   think of qualified candidates for the vestry. Two positions need to be filled. Nora Broszeit is one candidate.
6.      Rector Vacation:
   Fr. Tom announced he will take off the last week of October. Fr. Kathy Schillreff will fill in for Sunday service.
7.      Stewardship:
(Attachment) Charlene reported for the chairperson, Linda Connelly, on stewardship. The theme this year is Faith*Filled Generosity.
A discussion was made on how to approach the season of stewardship. Request for offerings based on 1. Shortfall in plate offerings due to the pandemic. 2. Decrease in Farmers’ Market income. 3. Condenser on air conditioner  in church cost.
Correspondence with the parish will begin October 25, 2020.
8.      Thanksgiving/Christmas Season:
   Fr. Tom announced we will not have a Thanksgiving potluck. Fr. Tom suggested maybe doing a series of short videos of St. Paul’s parishioner
   sharing their expression of gratitude. Maybe this could be done beginning in October through November to bring us closer together. These could be 
   shared virtually.
9.      Parishioners Whereabouts?
   Fr. Tom will share an email with St. Paul’s asking parishioners if they are in Naples or North. Fr. Tom also shared visits with a couple of members
   who are home bound or in rehab. 
10.  ECW:
   Joyce, ECW President reported  Nothing new with ECW. The ECW has a balance of $385.66
11.  Property:
Junior Warden Don reported the campus appears to be in good shape thanks to God’s Gardeners  (GG) and our annual rainy season.  Grass cutting, trimming and blowing  by our contractor is over and once again God’s Gardener’s hard work is keeping the campus looking good.
The air conditioner in church has a new compressor and is cooling fine thanks to the efforts of our sexton. Efforts are under way to ready our campus for the annual onslaught of  the Farmers’ Market.
Adjournment was at 7:44 pm.
Next meeting will be November 19, 2020 at 6:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Lee Perry                                                         Deborah Avery                      
Clerk of the Vestry                                         Recording Secretary

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