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3901 Davis Blvd., two blocks east of Airport Road


3901 Davis Blvd., east of Airport Road

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There's a place for you at St. Paul's

Altar Guild

Who  Women and men dedicated to the sacred space

What  Cleanse sacred vessels, tend to appearance of sanctuary

When  Before and after liturgies

Where  Church

Contact person* Judy Allen,

Audit Committee

Who  Volunteers selected by the vestry

What  Audit the church's financial operations

When  Once per year

Where  Church

Contact person* Tom Thoeni,


Who  "If you can talk you can sing"

What  Raise voices in the praise of God

When  Sundays at 10 a.m.

Where  In the church

Contact person* Jacqueline Scaduto,

Eucharistic Minister

Who  Layperson who distributes Holy Communion

What  Trained to assist the priest at liturgies. Typically is the chalice bearer.

When  Sundays and other occasions.

Where  Church.

Contact person* Linda Connelly,

Farmers' Market Parkers

Who  Open to all

What  Help patrons of the market traverse the grounds safely

When  Saturday mornings one of two shifts during the market

Where  Church

Contact person* Peter Lund,

Food for the Needy

Who  Anyone

What  Collect non-perishable food for those in need.

When  Any time

Where  Container for foodstuff in the narthex

Contact person* Judith Martin,

Gift Shop

Who  Open to all

What  Help staff our gift shop

When  Saturday mornings at the market, some other times

Where  Shop is next to the kitchen

Contact person* Carol O'Connell,

God's Gardeners

Who  Volunteers who tend to the grounds and buildings of the church

What  Cut grass, fix leaky faucets, plant flowers, etc.

When  Thursdays at 8 a.m.

Where  At the church

Contact person* Norma Pappalardo,

Laundry Love

Who  Anyone

What  Taking a bag of quarters, we visit a local laundry and ask customers if they'd like some help.

When  Once a month

Where  East Trail

Contact person* Richard Shea,


Who  Licensed Readers of the Word

What  Read scriptures and prayers of the people

When  Sunday mornings

Where  Church

Contact person* Linda Connelly,


Who  Open to all

What  Help shelve books and keep the room tidy

When  No particular time

Where  Library is in Serson Hall

Contact person* Tom Thoeni,


Who  Watcher of kiddies while Mom and Dad are at worship service

What  Must take training, "Safeguarding God's People"

When  Sunday mornings

Where  In the nursery, Serson Hall

Contact person* Charlene Connolly,

Office Ambassador

Who  Anyone who can file, type, answer the phone and perform other general office functions

What  Help particularly during the busy season

When  9:30-1:30 weekdays. Can take a portion of that time

Where  Office, Serson Hall

Contact person* Carol O'Connell,

Parish Luncheon Host

Who  Anyone

What  Selects restaurant or club, promotes event

When  Monthly


Contact person* Van Geoghegan,


Who  Writers, photographers, creative types

What  Help spread the word about Saint Paul's through various media

When  Frequently as possible

Where  No specific location

Contact person* Tom Thoeni,

Roadside sign attendant

Who  Anyone

What  Keep the wording on the sign up to date

When  Once a week or so

Where  At the church

Contact person* Tom Thoeni,

Society of Saint Paul's

Who  Persons who care about Saint Paul's into the future

What  Endowment fund promotion and safeguarding

When  Several meetings a year

Where  As determined by the chairperson

Contact person* Tom Thoeni,

Sunday School

Who  Teachers of our little ones

What  Prepare lessons and teach about Jesus

When  Sunday mornings

Where  Nursery/Sunday School, Serson Hall

Contact person* Charlene Connolly,

Unique Boutique

Who  Helper at our fashion store

What  Boutique sells high-end clothing at a bargain price

When  Saturday mornings at the Farmers' Market

Where  Church

Contact person* Peter Lund,


Who  Anyone

What  Help greet newcomers and hand out service bulletins, lock up after the service

When  Sunday mornings

Where  Church

Contact person* Linda Connelly,

Visitors / newcomers

Who  Parishioners who will actively provide hospitality to our visitors and newcomers

What  Greet at the door of the church and all other ways to make new relationships

When  Sundays before service and at coffee afterwords, mainly, but any time

Where  At church and in the world

Contact person* Tom Thoeni,


Who  Someone interested in keeping the website fresh

What  Insert stories and pictures of events at Saint Paul's

When  As needed

Where  At your computer

Contact person* Thomas Connolly,

* Actually, you could speak with anyone here to get involved in a ministry to which you've been called.

This list is incomplete!

There are many ways to be involved at Saint Paul's. Your participation in your church makes for a healthier and happier congregation.

So don't be shy. Just about anyone you encounter here will steer you to a ministry fit for you.

Is your ministry missing from this list? Give your webmaster a shout. Better yet, make that an email to

Things we do at St. Paul's

These short clips show various activities our church members are engaged in, and how you can participate more fully in the life of St. Paul's.

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