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Vestry meeting of July 16, 2020

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Vestry Meeting Minutes
July 16, 2020
The Vestry meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Fr. Tom, in Trinity Hall so as to Social Distance safely.
Members Present: Fr. Tom, Rector; Charlene Connolly, Senior Warden; Don Anderson, Junior Warden;  David Abernethy, Treasurer; Joyce Cashin, Judy Allen,  Lee Perry, Dick Emerson, Yvon Hive and Van Geoghegan.  Present via phone conference call: Don Anderson; Junior Warden.
Fr. Tom opened the meeting with a prayer.
Minutes: Van moved that the June minutes be approved, and Dick seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. 
Financials:  The June financials were reviewed with the vestry by David Abernethy. The overall income was up 1% compared to 2019. Expenses were down from 2019.
Rectors Reports
1.      Audit for 2019 year:
Fr. Tom thanked Treasurer David for recruiting parishioners to be on the audit team and in a timely manner. The audit is due to the Diocese on September 1. The audit team consists of Joyce Cashin, Van Geoghegan, Richard Breithaupt, and Nora Broszeit. 
2.      Status of PPP ( Paycheck Protection Program) loan application:
Fr. Tom reported $22,000+ was put into St. Paul’s account this past week. Janet Ross, the comptroller, will be contacting Ann Vickers, from the Diocese, on the necessary reporting needed to validate the need for the loan. The company, Kabbage, was the original loan company but was recently sold to another company.
3.      Disinfecting Process for Covid-19:
Fr. Tom said Cordova Cleaning services would like to discuss doing sanitizing in the church and office.
Fr. Tom appointed Van to contact Cordova for more information and prices. This will be discussed at a later date.
4.      Opening of Sanctuary to Brazilians and Armenians/ Trinity Hall to groups:
Beginning July 1 the church has been open for services to the Holy Name of Jesus congregation and the Brazilian Church. The Brazilian church also uses the church for practice on Thursday evenings. Fr. Tom is checking with Martha Goodwill, the diocese office, if we are at fault if the Brazilian congregation is singing in the church, which at this time is not allowed with the Bishops ruling on the CDC and reopening of the church. The Holy Name of Jesus congregation was also instructed not to use the kneelers in church, which is also prohibited in the Bishops guide to CDC rules.
Line dancing has been using Trinity Hall for dance on Tuesdays. The kitchen is still off limits to public/ St. Paul’s use.
5.      Wi-Fi Church:

Fr. Tom has asked Parageeks (IT) for a price on what it would be to have Wi-Fi in the church. This will be discussed at the Vestry meeting when the information is received. At that time it will be decided if this will be put into the budget for next year or decide to proceed this year. 
6.      ECW:
President Joyce Cashin’s report was given and is attached.  $331.66 is their balance.
7.      Property:
Junior Warden reported the Lawn Maintenance Service is working out well for the summer. The barrier put up to prevent trespassers has been working out. Fr. Tom said the church  has purchased cameras for surveillance after we have had someone break the barrier, twice. 
8.      Planned Giving/Estate Planning:
Robert Eardley was contacted by Fr. Tom to do a  free workshop for St. Paul's. After meeting, it was decided this will not work out. Fr. Tom knows of a person that works with Episcopal Churches on will planning, from Plant City, FL. He will check into working with this person and report back to the Vestry.
9.      Diocesan Convention in October:
The convention and convocation will be virtual this year. Fr. Tom is scheduled to present a workshop virtually on the Baptismal Covenant.
10.  Landscaping:
A discussion on landscaping was brought up. One of God’s Gardeners, and a Master Gardener, Diane Breithaupt, would like to beautify the memorial gardens with more plants and maybe a bench. The Treasurer said this was not in the budget for this year. The pruning of the trees on the south/west side of the church is. It was suggested the amount of $1200, which Diane said would be the approximate cost, should be budgeted for  2021.
11.  Strategic Planning/Long Range Planning:
Senior Warden Charlene reported that Van has taken on the task of calling members of the St. Paul’s family who might be alone, lonely, sick, or just in need of a friendly voice to talk with. Charlene and the Vestry thanked Van for her time and talent.
Charlene reported that Linda Connelly will take on the Chair position for the Stewardship again this year. Linda has already begun working on 2020/2021. She will be contacting members to be on the Stewardship team. Charlene expressed a big thank you for all Linda does behind the scenes. Linda works with scheduling and the lining up of training for St. Paul’s volunteers for the lay ministry of St. Paul’s.
Charlene stressed how important it was for the Vestry members to look over the Strategic Planning and Long-Range Planning booklets to further the growth of St. Paul’s.
Charlene brought it to our attention and would like to encourage socializing and getting to know the other congregations that use St. Paul’s church. She feels it would be good for all of us to get to know the congregations of the Holy Name of Jesus and the Brazilian church better, especially because we are all using the same sanctuary. This will be discussed further at another gathering of the Vestry.
12.  Vestry Responsibilities: 
Fr. Tom passed out Vestry member responsibilities and appointed Vestry members to the various areas. (attachment). Fr. Tom asked everyone to take home and review what was given to them. They were encouraged to ask members of the congregation to be on a team to help with their area assigned to them. This is not only to help the Vestry member, but to have St. Paul’s members get involved in the church and feel like a family. At our August Vestry meeting  they will be asked to report on their area and what they feel they could offer St. Paul’s.
13.  Misc. Reports:
Fr. Tom told the Vestry he would like a thank you sent to Marilyn Perry and Susan Larsen for all their work at the Bazaar held January 25, 2020. With the proceeds from the Gift Shop, Unique Boutique, and the ECW women and all their hard works, the EWC was able to give the Farmers’ Market the amount of $4888.00 to cover the losses from the FM season due to weather and the pandemic. The Vestry members unanimously agreed to have Fr. Tom send them a thank you.
Adjournment was at 7:35 pm.
Next meeting will be August 20, 2020 at 6:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Lee Perry                                                         Deborah Avery                      
Clerk of the Vestry                                         Recording Secretary

Property Care:
All is well with the campus.  Garcia Lawn Maintenance, the contractor hired to do the lawn is performing very well leaving the God’s Gardeners with minor cleanup.  Diane and Lee continue to work the gardens and beautify the campus.
The barrier placed across the driveway seems to be effective.  The barrier has not been vandalized in three weeks.
Donald Anderson, Junior Warden
ECW Report:
Nothing new from ECW as we will not start having meetings until October. 
The ECW Balance is $331.66
Respectfully Submitted
Joyce Cashin


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