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Vestry meeting of April 16, 2020

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Vestry Meeting Minutes
April 16, 2020
The Vestry meeting was called to order at 6:31 p.m. by Fr. Tom. 
Members Present via phone conference call: Fr. Tom, Rector; Charlene Connolly, Senior Warden; David Abernethy, Treasurer; Joyce Cashin, Judy Allen,  Lee Perry, and Dick Emerson.  Absent were Don Anderson, Junior Warden, Van Geoghegan, and Yvon Hive.
Fr. Tom opened the meeting with a prayer of the times.
Minutes: Dick moved that the March minutes be approved as amended and Charlene seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. Amendment was to delete “weekly” in #7 for the refund to the vendors at the Farmers’ Market.
Financials:  The financials were reviewed with the vestry by David Abernethy. Considering our circumstances with the CORVID- 19, March looked good. The plate was down 27%, year to date balance down only 4%. Income exceeded expenses this month. There was a unanimous consent to accept the report.
1.      Senior Warden, Charlene reported.
Joyce Cashin, President of ECW, reported to the vestry that ECW voted to donate $4,888.00 to the St. Paul’s Farmers’ Market account. The donation will cover expenses from the shortened market season due to the COVID-19 event. Joyce’s report is attached.
Peter Lund, Manager of the Farmers’ Market, reported to the vestry a loss of $4264 in expected revenue. Peter’s report is attached.
2.      Zoom:
Fr. Tom reported that Canon Anne Vickers, from the Diocese, with Bishop Dabney Smith have purchased a one-year subscription to the professional version of Zoom for each parish in the diocese. This $180 subscription will allow longer meetings with more people attending the meeting from their personal computers. Fr. Tom currently attends clergy meetings led by our Bishop as COVID-19 has kept everyone apart. St. Paul’s will use Zoom for educational meetings, study courses, virtual coffee hour time, any meetings that keep us apart during this time of social distancing. At the end of the subscription we may decide to pay for another year’s subscription.
3.      COVID-19:
Fr. Tom stated no date has been set to open church. A soft entry will be done for church services. The Bishop wants clergy to follow the government leadership.
4.      Small Business Loan:
Fr. Tom learned from Canon Anne Vickers and Bishop Smith that churches could apply for Small Business Loans for employee payroll and building rent and expenses. Our application was given to the bank to file and it is waiting for more government fund to be released.
5.      Holy Name of Jesus:
Fr. Tom reported Fr. Michael Basden agreed to be the consultant between St. Paul’s and The Holy Name of Jesus congregation. Right now the talks are on hold. Fr. Tom will consult with Michael in the coming week.
6.      May 2, 2020  Vestry Retreat:
Charlene requested names of Vestry members interested in attending the retreat. At meeting time Charlene, David, and Dick are interested and Charlene will register them for the meeting. The meeting will be done virtually over the internet because of the virus. It will be between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm with breaks during the classes.
7.      St. Paul’s Web Site: 
Charlene encouraged the Vestry to log on to the St. Paul’s website through the UPDATE link or at check out the website. Tom Connolly has been keeping up with posting the virtual services and attaching the bulletins to the site, as well as posting pictures of current times.
Adjournment was at 7:11 pm.
Next meeting will be May 21, 2020 at 6:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Lee Perry                                                         Deborah Avery                      
Clerk of the Vestry                                         Recording Secretary

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