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3901 Davis Blvd., two blocks east of Airport Road


3901 Davis Blvd., east of Airport Road

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Vestry meeting of December 12, 2010

The Vestry meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. by Fr. Tom.

Members Present: Fr. Tom, Rector; Richard Breithaupt, Senior Warden; Don Anderson, Junior Warden, David Abernethy, Treasurer; Charlene Connolly, Joyce Cashin, Van Geoghegan, Judy Allen, Lee Perry, Dick Emerson, and Peter Lund.


Fr. Tom opened the meeting with prayer.

Minutes:  Unanimously approved.


Resolution to present proposed bylaws changes as quoted below was unanimously approved.

    Article Seven: Vestry
        Section 1 will be amended from reading: [The Vestry] “consists of the Rector and twelve members elected as provided below.”
        to:  “can consist of the Rector and nine members elected as below.”

Resolution to affirm our practice of Accountable Reimbursement Plan as set forth by the Diocese was unanimously approved.

Father Tom gave out a synopsis of the Mutual Ministry Review for the Vestry to study.  It will be discussed further in the new year.

A discussion was engaged about Prayer Books and pew cards being used by some as scribble sheets, defacing both.

The Senior Warden expressed our goal to oversee that all congregations using our spaces take part in Safeguarding God’s Children.  Fr Tom will contact the Diocese for information about their participation and will call a meeting of the leaders of all the congregations in the new year.

Holy Name will also be asked to provide a monthly calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Fr. Tom said he will be calling a meeting of all our outside facility users (Brazilians, Haitians, AA, etc.) to review the rules of using our kitchen and other amenities, and the consequences of not following the rules. A suggestion by Dick, was to have security cameras in the church and kitchen.

For safety of the parishioners and visitors of St. Paul’s, it was discussed that a letter could be issued to neighboring apartments regarding using our parking lot as a thoroughfare.

The meeting was adjoined for the annual end of the year dinner.

Respectfully submitted by Father Tom Thoeni

Clerk of Vestry
Lee Perry

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