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Vestry meeting of September 15, 2016

Vestry Meeting Minutes

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Naples FL       September 15, 2016


Members Present: Fr. Bill Faupel (Priest-in-Charge), Dick Breithaupt (Sr. Warden), Hal Brundage, Yvon Hive, Adrienne McGrain, Charlene Connolly, Bev Whiteman, Alan Cragg, Van Geoghegan.

Members Present via Phone/Skype: Don Anderson, Lee Perry, Barbara Kling

Members Absent:   Lynne LaMarca

Visitor/Church Inventory Report: Richard Loree

The Senior Warden called the meeting to order at 6:33 p.m. and opened with prayer.

July minutes were unanimously approved with the direction to post them. Moved by Alan/seconded by Van. No minutes for August, the meeting was canceled. The July and August financials were unanimously approved. Moved by Bev/ seconded by Alan. (The financials appear in the official copy of these minutes as Appendix C).

Item of Personal Privilege. To be continued at the next few Vestry meetings and to better know each other, Van gave a short profile on herself. In September, Fr. Bill will give a short profile on himself.

Church Inventory Report: Richard Loree gave the Vestry a report on St. Paul’s inventory report which consists of the replacement value for the inventory. Richard thanked anyone who helped with this process, especially Adrienne McGrain, Bev Sweet, Patti Loree, Hal & Lil Brundage, Burton Tucker, Pauline & Jeff Suss, Sarah Lawrence, and Nancy Conner. The Senior Warden and the Vestry group thanked Richard for a job well done with his team.


Old Business: None

New Business:

Air conditioner for back of church. Moved by Bev/seconded by Alan that we accept the Posetek AC & Appliance Service proposal ($4,890.00) to replace the broken air conditioner at the back church. The motion was unanimously approved.

  1. Coffee Break.  

Barbara moved/Adrienne seconded a motion to discontinue collecting donations for coffee breaks effective immediately with the understanding that the new policy will be reviewed at the January Vestry meeting.The motion passed.







  1. Window Plaque.

Fr. Bill reported the estimate for doing a plaque for the parish windows to be placed in the Narthex was $5,000. The Executive Committee felt that this was too much for a plaque and we need to reconsider what we want to do. They also felt that since all the windows are not sold, we do not need to make that decision at this time. In the mean time we ask all of you to store this in the back of your mind so that when it is brought up later for discussion, we might get some alternate ideas.


  1. Vestry Workshop

Fr. Bill reported Saturday, January 14 from 6-9 p.m. – Sunday, January 15, 1-5 p.m. the workshop will be led by Michael Basten.


  1. Sick Leave for Administrative Assistant

The Executive Committee agreed that Fr. Bill take the following action to amend the Administrative Assistant’s contract as follows: “effective October 1, 2016, Deb Avery, Administrative Assistant; 1) be granted 10 (proportional) sick day per year; 2) that she can carry over up to 5 days at the end of each year; and 3) that she receives no compensation for any unused days at the time she terminates employment.”


  1. 2017 Stewardship Campaign

Fr. Bill reported that Bev Whiteman has agreed to serve as Stewardship Chair for the 2017 Campaign.   The Campaign will begin in early August.


  1. Coffee Break Funds

It has been observed that coffee break money is disappearing from the basket. There was a motion to go without accepting donations till January 2017 and discuss this issue at that time. The moved by Barbara/ seconded by Adrienne. The motion was unanimously approved.


  1. Parish Survey.

Fr. Bill reported over half responded. Only three responded who attend for three months or less (I think this indicates this group feels that since their time with us is limited, they should not influence how we hold our services.) When the Communication Team resumes in October, the members will do the analysis and report to the Vestry the results and make appropriate recommendations.


  1. St. Paul’s Mugs/ “Invite the New Families”

Fr. Bill showed the Vestry our St. Paul mugs. So far we have had 2 mailings sent out. The third one goes out this week. Although we have had several visitors who recently moved to Naples attend a service over the past two months, none have stated that they have come in response to the mailing.


  1. Gift Shop break-in.

Alan reported some of the items stolen from the Gift Shop have been picked up and returned to St. Paul’s.


  1. 50th Anniversary Committee.

Richard reported we will have a date change for the celebration from December 3 to January 2018. Possibly to coincide with the “Feast of Conversion of St. Paul”.



  1. Farmers” Market.

       Don Anderson reported the paper work is done between the county and St. Paul’s. Assistance is

       needed to help Jeff Page with the market.


Executive Session.


  1. Treasurer Search

Fr. Bill reported that he has approached several persons asking them to consider accepting the position of Treasurer.   Two persons have agreed.  The Vestry then moved in to Executive Session to discuss the qualifications of each.  The Vestry agreed that the current Treasurer, Hal Brundage, will talk with the two candidates describing the duties of the office of Treasurer and if the candidates are still interested, Hal will make a recommendation to the Vestry at the October Meeting.


  1. Transition Issues.

The Vestry discussed St. Paul’s transition plans for Rector. Senior Warden, Dick, reminded the Vestry that the agreement with the Bishop was that Fr. Bill would serve as Priest in Charge for 3 years., with the understanding that the Vestry would review Fr. Bill’s performance annually and recommend to the Bishop whether they wished him to be reappointed for another year. It was decided that no decision for searching for a new Rector will take place until after the 50th Anniversary year is completed (January 2018). If was further agreed that at the time the Senior Warden announces the plans for the 50th Anniversary plans to St. Paul’s, he will also state that a plan to search for a new Rector will be deferred till the anniversary year is completed.


The date of October Vestry Meeting was set for October 20 at 6:30 p.m.   


­The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted


Deb Avery                                                                                                                             Recording Secretary                                                                                                                                           

Bev Whiteman                                                                                                                                       Vestry Clerk


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