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Vestry meeting of July 21, 2016

Vestry Meeting Minutes

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Naples FL       July 21, 2016


Members Present: Fr. Bill Faupel (Priest-in-Charge), Dick Breithaupt (Sr. Warden), Hal Brundage, Yvon Hive, Adrienne McGrain, Charlene Connolly, Bev Whiteman

Members Present via Phone/Skype: Don Anderson, Alan Cragg, Lee Perry, Lynne LaMarca

Members Absent:  Van Geoghegan (Jr. Warden), Barbara Kling

Visitor/Web Site Report: Fr. Panel Guerrier, Tom Connolly

The meeting was called to order by Sr. Warden Dick Breithaupt at 6:45 p.m. followed with an opening prayer by Fr. Bill.

Website Tutorial: Tom Connolly gave the Vestry a hand out and a tutorial on how to sign into St. Paul’s website. Dick and the Vestry group thanked him for the information and his time on the website.


June minutes and the June financials were unanimously approved with the direction to post them. Moved by Bev/Seconded by Adrienne. (The financials appear in the official copy of these minutes as Appendix A).

Dick welcomed our newest Vestry member, Lynne LaMarca, via Skype.

Item of Personal Privilege. To be continued at the next few Vestry meetings and to better know each other, Dick gave a short essay on himself. In August Van will give a short essay on herself.

Old Business: None

New Business:

  1. Election of Vestry Clerk. Adrienne and Hal seconded that Bev Whiteman be appointed to serve as Vestry Clerk. The motion was unanimously approved.
  2. Transfer of Funds.  Dick moved and Bev seconded that the treasurer be authorized to transfer monies from the “contingency fund “to the operating checking account as needed during the 2016 fiscal year with the understanding that any such transfer be reported to the Vestry at it next meeting. The motion was unanimously approved.


  1. Approval of Plaque for Church Window.

A copy will be sent to any Vestry member not present physically at the meeting.  A professional drawing of the plaque by a Signage Company will be authorized pending approval from these Vestry members.  Final approval of the plaque will be made at that time.



  1. Hal Brundage reported he will step down as Treasurer at the annual meeting.

Fr. Bill will make this announcement in the Pathway due out the end of July. At that time, he will ask for volunteers for a Finance Team and Treasurer for the upcoming year.


  1. Farmers” Market.

Don Anderson reported the good news that St. Paul’s will be exempt from the new rules regarding the licensee of vendors at a religious organization’s market. Don will make a report for the Pathway on the Farmers’ Market.

  1. Prayer Books.

Fr. Bill reported the dedication of the Book of Common Prayer Books will be July 31 at the 8 a.m. service.


  1. “Invite the Families”.

Fr. Bill reported we are working on ordering a mug with the St. Paul logo and church on it. This will be given out to the new families who come visit St. Paul’s with the bookmark enclosed in the welcome letter. A request was made to have it dishwasher safe


  1. Office Fax

Fr. Bill reported that we will discontinue the analog fax line effective August 1.   Items presently faxed, but will in future be scanned and sent by email.   This will result in a saving of
$50. 00 per month. This Century Link analog line had been kept when we transferred our phone system to Comcast because it was also connected to our postage meter.    The meter has since been transferred to a Wifi connection.


  1. Monthly Sunday Bruch

Fr. Bill reported that the Hal and Lil Brundage have volunteered to host the August 14th Sunday brunch but stated we still need volunteers for September and October.    Alan Cragg stated that he and his wife, Marcie would volunteer for October but suggested that we personally ask non-vestry members to host these two events.


  1. 50th Anniversary Committee.

Dick reported Bishop will be at St. Paul’s to celebrate with us on December 2 & 3, 2017.. The grand banquet will be Saturday, December 2. The committee is checking out places to hold the banquet. At the September meeting the committee will develop a budget for the event.


  1. Mission Statement.

Dick report that he has received proposed mission statements from all of the team members.  The team will be moving forward on developing a new mission statement in the near future.


  1. ECW recommendation of finances by Audit Committee.

Fr. Bill reported that the ECW Offers will meet the Executive Committee later this fall to work out a mutually acceptable process to bring ECW funds into the accounting system of St. Paul’s to be in compliance with the national church’s canons.


  1. Sports Cards.

Fr. Bill reported the sports cards donated to St. Paul’s are not of high value. It was recommended to sell them at the Farmers’ Market.





  1. Adult Christian Formation.

Fr. Bill reported that he is in the early stages of discussing the Adult Christian Formation classes for the coming season.   He is planning to have two classes one at 9:15 a.m. and second at 10:45 a.m. The first will be taught on-line by Fr. Steve Zimmer, Assisting Priest at Trinity-by-the-Cove. He will conduct follow up class mid-week at St. Paul’s at which time persons taking the Sunday class at Trinity will also attend.    The 10:45 class will be taught by Fr. Tad Meyer, who will be joining the St. Paul’s clergy this fall as an Assisting Priest.   Fr. Bill will be teaching this class on the Sunday’s that Fr. Tad is scheduled to preach at the 10:45 worship service.


  1. Habitat for Humanity.

Fr. Bill reported that the Naples residents have rejected the Habitat project. He would like to have St. Paul’s support to back church leaders by developing a counter movement on this vote. Fr. Bill received the Vestry approval on this issue.


  1. Baptism of Stefano Mejia Gomez.

Fr. Bill reported that friends of Coast Force owner, the company that recently installed our church windows, will have their son baptized on July 31, at the 10 a.m. service.


The date of August Vestry Meeting was set for August 18 at 6:30 p.m.    The Junior Warden will preside in absence of the Senior Warden who will be on vacation.


Adrienne moved and Hal seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 p.m.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Respectfully Submitted


Deb Avery                                                                                                                             Recording Secretary                                                                                                                                            

Bev Whiteman                                                                                                                                       Vestry Clerk


3901 Davis Blvd., Naples, Florida 34104   239-643-0197   Office hours 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday-Friday

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