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Vestry meeting of July 18, 2019

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Vestry Meeting Minutes
July 18, 2019
The Vestry meeting was called to order at 6:31 p.m. by Father Tom. 
Members Present: Fr. Tom, Rector; Richard Breithaupt, Senior Warden; Don Anderson, Junior Warden, David Abernethy, Treasurer; Charlene Connolly, Joyce Cashin, Van Geoghegan, Judy Allen, Lee Perry, and Dick Emerson (telecon). Absent was Peter Lund and Yvon Hive.
Study: Chapter 6, Cultivating the Missional Church, The Way forward in Mission, was reviewed and discussed among the vestry members. The church today is going from institution to Christian movement. Brainstorming ideas were, the Farmers’ Market is a great missional event St. Paul’s does for the community that we hope to grow and continue, increase the communications and the activities around the Blessing of the Animals which is done during the market, have more pancake breakfasts, maybe a renewal of marriage vows in February, and engage more community activities and the church.
Personal Presentation: Joyce Cashin gave a presentation on her life and how she ended up with St. Paul’s. In August, Van Geoghegan will give her presentation.
Minutes: Richard moved that the June minutes be approved as distributed and seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Financials:  Richard moved, and Dick seconded a motion that the June financials be approved as distributed. The motion was unanimously approved. David discussed the current financial outlook. Our expenses are exceeding income. Farmers’ Market was under $10000 from the previous year intake.

1.       Safeguarding Training:
One person from the vestry is left to train at this time.
2.       Sexton:
Fr. Tom reported that Burton Tucker will be St. Paul’s sexton for an indeterminate time. He will prepare a manual, and pave the way for a future sexton. At this time he will be employed by St. Paul’s as sexton. Parishioners are to contact the Jr. Warden, Don Anderson, or Fr. Tom Thoeni if there are projects to be done on the St. Paul campus. Treasurer David will report to the accountant on which budget line item this position pay will be taken from.
3.       Committees:
Fr. Tom has formed committees that will report on a regular basis to the vestry. The first report is to be ready for the December meeting. The following committees are listed. 
Building and Grounds- Don Anderson, Lee Perry and Dick Emerson
Farmer’s Market- Peter Lund, Dick Emerson, and Ken Eastlack
Hospitality- Judy Allen, Van Geoghegan, Joyce Cashin, and Charlene Connolly
Outreach- Van Geoghegan and Charlene Connolly
Worship/Altar Guild- Judy Allen and Van Geoghegan
Stewardship- Don Anderson and Richard Breithaupt
Pastoral Care-?
Communications- ?
Finance Committee- Darlene Shoemaker, Fr. Tom, Barb Abernethy, David Abernethy,  and Jerry Tysiak
4.       Rectory:
            Don reported on items to needed to be done at the Rectory.
            David moved and Lee seconded that new insulation be put in the attic (estimate $2800), a new
            electrical box be put in to replace the old one for fire safety (estimate $1200), and replace the old
            water heater with a new one (value unknown). The request to replace all the windows and doors
            (estimate $24,000)  will be placed on hold.
5.       Outreach: 
Van and Charlene inquired how much money is available for outreach. There is not a budget, or vision plan, but there is $1000 set aside from the previous year to use.
6.       Farmers Market:
Peter will be out of town till September. No report.
7.       Worship:
Fr. Tom reported we will use the zipper pouches for the offertory money for one month on a trial basis. 
8.       Sunday School:  Charlene asked for volunteers for the first Sunday of the month to substitute for her. Dave Abernethy will ask his wife, Barb. Judy Allen will be willing to sub occasionally. Charlene has 2 young children in her class.
9.       Communications:
Charlene reported Tom Connolly would like to see more interest in communications.
He would like to see a public relations person for St. Paul’s. Tom does the web site and publication of Pathways, but we need someone out there to promote our events. 
Don reported the parishioners would like to hear more of what is happening at St. Paul’s. 
Fr. Tom will have a report for the Weekly Update on a regular basis to keep the folks up to date on plans and what is happening at St. Paul’s.
10.   Training:
Discussion on properly training ushers was heard. David volunteered to help train in new ushers.
Fr. Tom will be gone July 23-25 and August 1-9.
The executive meeting is Monday, August 12 at 2 pm.
The next scheduled Vestry meeting is Thursday, August 15 at 6:30 pm.
Richard moved, and everyone stood to unanimously approve at 8:20 pm. 
Respectfully submitted,
Lee Perry                                                          Deborah Avery             
Clerk of the Vestry                                            Recording Secretary

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