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Vestry meeting of June 16, 2016

   Vestry Meeting Minutes

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church  

            Naples, FL


           June 16, 2016

Members Present: Fr. Bill Faupel (Priest-in-Charge), Dick Breithaupt (Sr. Warden), Van Geoghegan (Jr. Warden), Hal Brundage, Yvon Hive, Barbara Kling, Adrienne McGrain, Charlene Connolly, Patti Loree

Members Present via Phone/Skype: Don Anderson, Alan Cragg, Lee Perry

Members Absent:  Bev Whiteman

Visitor/Audit Report: Richard Loree

The meeting was called to order by Sr. Warden Dick Breithaupt at 6:34 p.m. followed with an opening prayer by Fr. Bill.

May minutes and the May financials were unanimously approved with the direction to post them. Moved by Van/Seconded by Barb. (The financials appear in the official copy of these minutes as Appendix A).

Old Business: None

New Business:

  1. Vote of Appreciation for Patti Loree’s service on the Vestry. Senior Warden Richard announced Patti’s last meeting was June 16. A vote of appreciation of Patti Loree’s service was unanimously approved.
  2. Appointment of New Vestry Member.

Van moved and Patti seconded to name Lynne LaMarca to fill the vacancy of Patti Loree on the Vestry. The motion was unanimously approved.


  1. Approval of the 2016 Audit.

Van moved and Barb seconded a motion to accept the 2016 Audit Report for St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, which was presented to the Vestry by Richard Loree. The motion was unanimously approved.  Patti moved and Barb seconded the motion to thank the committee of Richard Loree, Lee Perry, Carolyn Hale and Don Anderson for their efficient and hard work on the audit. The motion was unanimously approved.  (The audit appears in the official copy of these minutes as Appendix B)


  1. Approval of the Congregational Survey:

Patti moved and Van seconded a motion to use the survey presented to the Vestry by Fr. Bill. The motion was unanimously approved. (The survey appears in the official copy of these minutes as Appendix C)


  1. The Communications Team recommended that St. Paul’s subscribe to “Invite The New Families”. Lee moved and Alan seconded the motion for St. Paul’s to subscribe to this promotion for one year @ $19.99 per month & order labels with the names & addresses for an additional $10.00/month. The motion was unanimously approved.




  1. Meeting with Michael Basden.

Fr. Bill reported that he and Michael Basden met and discussed possibilities for changes at St. Paul’s in order to grow and prosper. It was recommended not to make radical changes at this time. Start where we are and do what we can and let God move us along. Meetings will continue with Michael Basden in the fall.


  1. Communications Team Update.

Barb reported the team met and Tom Connolly and Fr. Bill continued to work on the survey at a later date. She thanked them for all their work on the survey.  She also noted the volunteers will be needed each month to send stuff and seal envelopes to the hundred addresses.

  1.  Plaque for Windows.

No report at this time. Fr. Bill will have a report next meeting.


  1. Mission Statement Task Force.

Richard reported the task force met the previous week. All suggestion should be sent to him by the end of June so they can be reviewed.


  1. Farmers’ Market

Don reported that Jeff Page will attend the County Commissioner meeting to be held June 28. At this time, they will decide whether or not a church will be exempt from the strict regulations that will be applied to vendors at markets. Alan suggests we look for someone to train in and work with and eventually take over Jeff Page’s position with the Farmers’ Market.


  1. Date of July Vestry Meeting (July 21 at 6:30)


Patti moved and Van seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 p.m.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Patti ended our meeting with a prayer.

Respectfully Submitted


Deb Avery                                                                                                                             Recording Secretary                                                                                                                                           

Patti Loree                                                                                                                                 Vestry Clerk

3901 Davis Blvd., Naples, Florida 34104   239-643-0197   Office hours 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday-Friday

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