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Vestry meeting of June 16, 2016

Vestry Meeting Minutes

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Naples, FL May 19, 2016

Members Present: Fr. Bill Faupel (Priest-in-Charge), Dick Breithaupt (Sr. Warden), Van Geoghegan (Jr. Warden), Hal Brundage, Yvon Hive, Barbara Kling Members Present via Phone/Skype: Don Anderson, Alan Cragg, Lee Perry Members Absent: Adrienne McGrain, Bev Whiteman, Charlene Connelly

The meeting was called to order by Sr. Warden Dick Breithaupt at 6:42 p.m. followed by an opening prayer by Fr. Bill.

April Minutes and the February, March and April financials were unanimously approved with the direction to post them. Moved by Patti/Seconded by Van. (The financials are included in the official copy of these minutes as Appendix 1-A, 1-B, & 1-C respectively) Old Business: 1. Employment Status. It was recommended by the Executive committee to leave the classification of the employment status Music Director (Eleanor Phelps) and the Music Leader (Dan Dickout) as “self-employed” independent contractors. Barb moved and Hal seconded we allow Eleanor and Dan to remain self-employed as in the past. The motion was unanimously approved. (Documentation leading to this decision is included in the official copy of these minutes as Appendix 2)

New Business:

1. Employment Status/ Priest-in-Charge. Patti moved and Van seconded we approve the “Letter of Agreement between St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Naples, FL (“Parish”) and The Rev. David William Faupel (Priest-in-Charge) with an effective date of May 28, 2016 when Fr. Bill turns 72. The motion was unanimously approved. (This action was necessary because the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church requires mandatory retirement upon the 72nd birthday of a priest. The Bishop upon the request of the Vestry and consent of the priest, reappoint the person for up to one year before further review is required.)

2. Task Force Team to Review/Revise Mission Statement. Alan moved and Don seconded a motion to establish a Task Force to review St. Paul’s mission statement. (Fr. Bill then said he would appoint the Executive Committee to serve on the task force and asked that other vestry members who would like to serve volunteer by June 9)

3. 50th Anniversary Task Force Alan moved and Van seconded a motion to establish a Task Force to begin planning for the50th Anniversary Celebration of St. Paul’s for December 3, 2017. The motion was unanimously approved. (Fr Bill subsequently appointed the Executive Committee to head the Task Force. Alan Cragg volunteered to serve. Fr. Bill said he would call for additional volunteers in the Weekly Update).

4. Memorial gifts Barb moved and Yvon seconded a motion to put all memorial gifts in the Contingency Fund, unless designated by the family or by a donor for specific purposes. The motion was unanimously approved.


1. Rector/Senior Warden meeting with Trinity-by-the Cove Fr. Bill reported that he and Richard met with Fr. Edward and the Senior Warden of Trinity by the Cove, in April. Suggestions were made for each parish.

2. Meeting with Fr. Tad Fr. Bill reported he met with Fr. Tad Meyer, a recently retired assisting Priest at Trinity-by-the Cove. With the Vestry approval, Fr. Bill plans to hire Fr. Tad as an Assisting Priest at St. Paul’s, beginning in November 2016. He would help with assisting at the Eucharist, preaching, and Christian Formation. Fr. Claude Vershure who attends St. Paul’s from January – April each year will with the approval of the vestry, join the Assisting Clergy to assist in pastoral call and with the Sunday liturgy.)

3. Dayspring Vestry Retreat Richard reported on the Day Spring retreat that he and Charlene attended. Ideas brought back include:

a. Establish and publish group norms for the Vestry. (send ideas to Richard)

b. Include formation time

c. Need Bishop’s approval before renting out space

d. Vestry approval is not needed to purchase items already approved in the budget. Richard encourages attendance at Retreat. Next one is May 6, 2017.

4. Communications Team Update Barb reported that the team will meet on Monday, June 6 to discuss our progress and future. She announced that the letter to the editor from a new couple, Mark & Rinde, was in the Naples Daily News on May 19th.

5. Sports Cards Fr. Bill reported the sports cards are safely locked away in the finance office. Marion Kennedy’s son in CA, still feels there is a value and would like to do more study on this for us.

6. Plaques for Storm Windows in Church Fr. Bill reported that we need to move forward and come up with a design for the window plaque. Richard told Fr. Bill to bring a design to our next Vestry meeting.

7. Prayer Books Fr. Bill reported we have enough donations for 50 prayers books and will have them ordered.

8. New Facts on the Episcopal Church: Growth & Decline Barb reported on what was relevant to St. Paul’s, from this study.

a. Are we willing to change?

b. Are we willing to meet new challenges?

c. Suggests that Ushers stay in Narthex (or nearby) to greet newcomers or latecomers to services. d. St. Paul’s should write a grant to get money to use to send out a circulation to the area around St. Paul’s and southeast Naples to introduce residents to St. Paul’s Parish.

9. Farmers’ Market

a. Don reported there is some concern in that the county commission will issue new rules.

b. Jim Crosby solved one issue by finding a suitable replacement for the early shift at the Farmer’s Market.

c. Richard suggested the rates for the vendor booths be increased. There was discussion and at this time nothing was decided.

d. A meeting is planned with Jeff Page and the Farmers’ Market team to resolve the remaining concerns.

10. Date of June Vestry Meeting (June 16 at 6:30) Van moved and Hal seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:28 p.m. The motion was unanimously approved.

Respectfully Submitted Deb Avery Recording Secretary

Patti Loree Vestry Clerk

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