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Vestry meeting of May 15, 2024


St. Paul’s Episcopal Church 
Vestry Meeting Minutes 
May 15, 2024 

Vestry met in Serson Hall with a call to order at 6:30 p.m. There was a quorum. Fr. Tom opened with a prayer. 
Members Present: Fr. Tom Thoeni, Rector; Steve Carnell, Sr. Warden; Paul Nelson, Jr. Warden; Tom Connolly, Judy Martin, Rose Porembo, Jeannie Smith, and Murray Smith. Not attending nor monitoring the meeting were Mary Lou Dogoloff and Peter Lund. 

Motion to approve vestry minutes: Fr. Tom asked for a motion to approve the minutes from April 10, 2024. Paul N made a motion and Judy M seconded. The motion was adopted by acclamation. 

Treasurer’s Report: Rose Porembo presented the treasurer’s report. She then asked for three vestry volunteers to help with sections of the audit due September 1: Murray Smith, Jeannie Smith and Paul Nelson. 

Bank of America Transition from Truist Bank: Rose P researched brokerage account requirements. She reported that when St. Paul’s is gifted stocks or bonds there is only one day allowed to roll stocks or bonds into our brokerage account. The vestry suggested that she ask our diocesan adviser if staying with Truist Bank brokerage is to our advantage since all of the paperwork is established. 

Lang Lowrey’s visit: June 9 will be the date for Lang Lowrey to visit our parish. A forum is proposed to inform the congregation about the vestry’s decision to create a land lease. 

Solar Panel Project: Paul N and Tom C reported on the cost and time table of an electrical contractor and installers of solar panels to begin work on our church roof. Paul N suggested this can be revisited after hurricane season. 

Holy Name of Jesus semi-annual meeting: Fr. Tom called for a semi-annual review with HNJ. Fr Tom, Charlene & Tom C and Steve C will set a date with Fr Panel and his vestry. 

Pledge/Stewardship Update: Pledging members of the church will be called or mailed a note to remind them that their last year’s pledge balance was not fulfilled. 

Sound system update: Tom C informed vestry that the church speaker was brought to the floor of the church, boxed and shipped to GA for repair. Since the smaller speaker on the opposite wall is suboptimal everyone using the microphones in church were advised to speak more slowly. 

Emergency preparedness plan:  Gary Dickerson was reappointed as disaster coordinator. The revised format has current names listed. The vestry was advised to study the emergency preparedness plan. 

The next vestry meeting will be June 19, 2024 
The meeting was adjourned with a prayer at 7:30 p.m. 

Respectfully Submitted, 
Charlene Connolly, Recording Secretary 
Nora Broszeit, Clerk of the Vestry 

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