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Vestry meeting of February 21, 2024

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Vestry Meeting Minutes
February 21, 2024

Vestry met in Serson Hall with a call to order at 6:30 p.m. There was a quorum. Fr. Tom opened with a prayer of new year blessings.

Members Present: Fr. Tom, Rector; Steve Carnell, Sr. Warden; Jr. Warden will be named; Tom Connolly, Mary Lou Dogoloff, Peter Lund, Judy Martin, new members present are Paul Nelson, Jeannie Smith and Murray Smith. Rose Porembo, treasurer, was present. Nora Broszeit will be clerk of the vestry for another year. 

Approval of January vestry minutes: Fr. Tom asked for a motion of approval for the February 21 minutes. Judy Martin made a motion of approval and Paul Nelson seconded the motion. The motion was adopted be acclamation.

Treasurer’s Report: Rose Porembo supplied handout papers for the treasurer’s report which was discussed. Fr. Tom thanked Rose for the preparation of the treasurer’s report. 
Fr. Tom mentioned that the annual parochial report required from each church in the diocese by March 1 was completed by him and Rose Porembo. Vestry needs to approve. Mary Lou D made the motion to approve the parochial report, Peter Lund seconded and the motion passed by acclamation. 
Fr. Tom announced to the vestry that Nora Broszeit agreed to continue as Clerk of the vestry for another year.


Vacant Vestry Position: Steve C and Mary Lou D volunteered to identify and interview a parishioner to replace Lee Barron who could not finish her term. A new member would finish Lee’s term or start a new three year term. 

Solar panels: Fr. Tom reported having taken an online seminar to learn about non profit organizations installing solar. Rebates are available for non profits under the inflation reduction act by filing a tax return to have rebate dollars applied. We could pay for the solar panels to be installed with a 30% rebate possible after the work is completed fully. St. Paul’s would file a one time corporate income tax for 2024 in order to apply for the rebate. Fr. Tom asked for vestry members to join the solar committee already made up of Gary Porembo, Dave Abernethy, Tom Connolly and Rich Shea.

Jr. Warden: Fr. Tom was pleased to announce Paul Nelson as a nominee for Jr. Warden. Father asked for a motion. Tom C moved and Judy M seconded that Paul Nelson be the new vestry Jr. Warden. The vote was passed by acclamation.

Land use planning: Lang Lowery is the diocesan consultant for the development of St. Paul’s many acres between Serson Hall and St. Paul’s rectory. This property and other Episcopal churches in Collier County were purchased with very large lots. The diocese advises that land available should not be sold. Lang has asked St. Paul’s to pray before making decisions as vestry was asked to do in the January meeting. Many proposals were reviewed again as was the zoning for St. Paul’s by Collier County. More discussion will follow. 

Holy Name of Jesus: Fr. Tom reported that HNJ congregation agreed to pay monthly rent of $300. Our treasurer takes that amount monthly from the funds St. Paul’s holds for HNJ.

Sabbatical Update: Fr. Tom presented to the vestry a three month sabbatical package for pastors. A grant from Eli Lily Foundation allows for pastoral renewal with a theme. If given the grant Fr. Tom will be away in 2025 for up to three months. Eli Lily Foundation has included rules and provisions for congregational benefits. Members of the vestry and congregation will put into action dinners and small group activities with parallel themes matching Fr. Tom’s renewal theme. While away a part time priest will be paid to celebrate the Eucharist and be available as needed. 

The next meeting will be March 13, 2024

The meeting was adjourned with a prayer at 8:10 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Charlene Connolly
Recording Secretary

Nora Broszeit
Clerk of the Vestry

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