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Vestry meeting of December 21, 2017

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Vestry Meeting Minutes

December 21, 2017


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Don Anderson, Junior Warden, followed by an opening prayer given by Fr. Bill.


Members Present: Don Anderson, Junior Warden; Dave Abernethy, Treasurer; Fr. Bill, Priest-in-Charge and Recording Secretary; Judy Allen, Alan Cragg, Charlene Connolly, Yvon Hive, and Peter Lund,


Members Absent: Richard Breithaupt, Senior Warden, Lynn LaMarka, Darlene Shoemaker, Bev Whiteman, Clerk.


Item of Personal Privilege:   Charlene Connolly presented the highlights of her life story particularly as it   relates to her ministry over the years at St. Paul’s.  Judy Allen will give her presentation at the January meeting.


Minutes & Financials: Alan moved and Judy seconded a motion that the November minutes be approved as distributed.  The motion was unanimously approved. Yvon moved and Alan seconded a motion that the November 2017 Treasurer’s reports be approved as distributed.  (See Appendix A for a copy of the Financials)


New Business


  1. New Vestry Member

Alan moved, and Peter seconded the motion to appoint Lee Perry to fill the unexpired term of Carol Diehm. The motion was unanimously approved.


  1. New Society of St. Paul’s Committee Member

Peter moved, and Alan seconded a motion to accept the Society of St. Paul’s Committee’s recommendation to appoint Barbara Abernethy to serve on that committee. The motion was unanimously approved.


  1. Search Committee:

Alan moved, and Yvon seconded a motion to appoint the following seven persons as the search committee:  David Abernethy (Vestry), Don Anderson (Vestry), Richard Breithaupt (Vestry), Linda Connelly (Parishioner), Tom Connolly (Parishioner), Connie Cunningham, (Parishioner) and Virginia Harper (Parishioner).  The motion was unanimously approved.


Fr. Bill, on behalf of the Senior Warden expressed deep appreciation for all to accepted this responsibility when asked.


  1. Vestry Functioning as Greeters.

Yvon moved, and Peter seconded a motion that the Vestry rotate as greeters on Sunday morning so that:  1) parishioners can get to know the vestry; 2) to assist greeters in welcoming visitors and offering to take them to coffee hour.   The motion was unanimously approved.


Fr. Bill stated that new name tags with “Vestry Member” will be ordered for each vestry member.   Linda Connelly will who does the Sunday scheduling will contact those each month who are scheduled that month.   Vestry will not be scheduled when scheduled to usher.



  1. Parish Profile Committee

Charlene moved, and Judy seconded a motion authorizing the Executive Committee to appoint a Parish Profile Committee with the stipulation that the profile be completed for Vestry approval at the February 22, 2018 meeting.   The motion with unanimously approved.


Discussion Item


  1. Parish Survey:

The parish survey, completed by the Communication’s committee was distributed ahead of the meeting, was discussed.   Fr. Bill reported recommended changes.   One by the Senior Warden and one by Canon Erik Cooter.   Fr. Bill also reported that Canon Cooter felt the survey was well done. In the discussion that followed, several suggested changes were made which Fr. Bill will pass on to the committee.   It was agreed that Vestry should send further suggestions to the church office.   These suggestions will be given to the Committee for consideration and the final form of the survey will be presented to the Vestry for approval at the January meeting.




  1. Communications Report:

Fr. Bill presented the Communications report on behalf Darlene Shoemaker. The full report appears as Appendix B.


  1. Green Bequest.

Fr. Bill reported the Green home has been sold.   As a result, a final distribution of the remained of the Green estate has been made.    St. Paul’s has received three checks from the estate.  These included: 1) The initial check in the amount of $250,000; 2) $42,332.19 for our share of the Green home; and 3) $43,202.45 after all claims against the estate has been paid.   The total St. Paul’s share of the Green bequest came to $336,534.67.     A church window will be dedicated in memory of Alpheus Green on the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, January 28, 2018 on the occasion of our 50th anniversary celebration.


  1. Jubilee
    Don reported that plans for the Jubilee are coming along nicely. Bill Strenkert has completed the first draft of the cookbook, Tom Connolly and Diane Kane have laid out the mock up for the Jubilee Booklet; Don Anderson has completed the history of St. Paul’s for the booklet; and Bill Kling has selected all the pictures for slide presentation.   To date 115 persons have purchased tickets.   A plan to encourage others to purchase tickets will be put into effect in early January.    The Committee along with Bill Kling will go to Trinity-by-the-Cove at noon on December 28 to make final preparations the banquet.


  1. Property:

Alan reported that Burton Tucker repaired the Rectory roof that was damaged by the hurricane.   This saved hundreds of dollars if we would have had an outside company do it.   He further reported that Lee Perry reported that the Church Insurance company is sending us a check for $3,454.00 for replacing our Air Conditioners.   They are also seeking the $5,000 deductible on our behalf from the Florida Power & Light company for their faulty wiring that caused the AC to blow out.   Finally, he reported two proposals:  1) The first is a recommendation from Burton Tucker that the parking lot be sealed after the Farmer’s market is over.  (Two separate bids of $6,519.53 and$9,219.05 depending on the product used have been received. [See appendix C & D]).   Burton said the parking lot was last sealed six years ago.   By sealing it again, it should extend the life of the parking lot at least another six years.   The second proposal came from Jim Crosby to put in two paved sidewalks to help direct pedestrian traffic during farmer’s market.  The cost will be approximately $2,400.   Jim has deep concerns of pedestrian safety as the they often walk in front of moving cars without awareness.


After discussion, the Treasurer was directed to put the two proposals into the 2018 proposed budget.

Since Jim’s proposal is most urgent, the Executive Committee will make a decision early in January and report it to the Vestry.   Burton’s proposal will be brought to the vestry later in the spring.


  1. Stewardship:

Fr. Bill reported Bev Whiteman plans to contact parishioners, who pledged last year but who have not done so yet this year, when she returns from her Christmas holidays early in January.


  1. Treasurer’s Report

Dave stated that all but one vestry person has given him the requests needed for him to put the 2018 preliminary expense side of the budget.    He awaits Bev’s report on Stewardship before he can put the 2018 projected income report together.   He fully expects to have the proposed 2018 budget ready for Vestry approval at the January meeting.


The time of the next meeting was set for Thursday, January 18, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.


The chair called for the meeting to be adjourned at 8:30 p.m.   It was agreed by consensus.


Respectfully submitted,


Bev Whiteman                                                                         

Clerk of the Vestry 


Fr. Bill

 Recording Secretary

3901 Davis Blvd., Naples, Florida 34104   239-643-0197   Office hours 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday-Friday

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