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Vestry meeting of September 22, 2022

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Vestry Meeting Minutes
September 22, 2022
The vestry met in Serson Hall at 6:32 pm. Fr. Tom asked Steve for devotions and Steve also led the group in prayer.
Members Present: Fr. Tom, Rector; Peter Lund, Sr. Warden; via zoom. Nora Broszeit, Treasurer; Judy Allen, Judy Martin, David Abernethy, Steve Carnell, and Van Geoghegan. Rich Shea, Jr. Warden was absent. Visitors were Tom and Charlene Connolly and Norma Pappalardo. Guest: Carol Bectold.
1.  Tree Trimming:
Norma Pappalardo, spokesperson for God’s Gardeners, stressed the need to trim trees for looks and safety by the church. Norma gathered 4 bids. She said the best bid was Pocchi Tree Service at $500.
Judy Martin moved that St. Paul’s agree with Norma’s suggestion and Van seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.
Don has stressed in the past and tonight that St. Paul’s cannot be seen from Davis Blvd. because of all the trees blocking the church. Tree trimming will be brought up at a future vestry meeting to clear the view.
2.  Day Care Facility:
Fr. Tom introduced Carol Bectold, who gave the vestry information on Day Care facilities, the many different options of running one, what is needed, and the many regulations that are needed to begin one. Fr. Tom asked the group if there is an interest in this project and should a study group be put together to work with Carol on this project. Judy Martin made a motion to continue on the Day Care project and Don seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. The vestry will continue to work on this project when new vestry members are installed in January 2023. Fr. Tom asked Carol the expense to work with St. Paul’s. Carol said it is up to St. Paul’s, she would accept a stipend.
3. Mutual Ministry Review:  
Fr. Tom stated he did not send out the review this past month, but will do so in the next two weeks.
4. Vestry Elections:
Fr. Tom asked the vestry to get nominations for the 5 openings on the vestry, for the January 29, annual meeting. Fr. Tom was asked to announce at services that we are looking for new vestry members.
5. Bookkeeper:
Treasurer Nora announced that Carrie Canfield has been coming in to work one day a week. Nora will be joining her the next few weeks to help further train her on Church Windows and financial reporting.
6. Musician:
Fr. Tom and the music team are working on finding an organist/director for St. Paul’s. There is one lead in the works. For the month of October, Gordon Brown will be the interim organist at St. Paul’s.
7. Financial Report:
Nora discussed the June report. By next month’s vestry meeting she will have July, August, and September’s financials when the bookkeeper becomes more comfortable with the church financial reporting system.
8. Minutes:
Nora made a motion to approve August’s minutes and Don seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.
9. Stewardship:
Nora said we should begin planning Stewardship. Fr. Tom said he will work with Steve on planning the Stewardship Drive.
10. Major Purchases:
Peter reviewed the list of major purchases. (Attached) Irrigation 
Repair was put on hold to be budgeted for 2023. Pressure Washer is put on hold for the budget for 2023. Altar Repair will be taken care of by Fr. Tom stripping the wood and Tom Connolly refinishing the wood. Cost should be under $100.
11. Farmers’ Market:
Peter said the county of Collier approved the Farmers’ Market. The Fire Department will do an inspection in January.
Peter complemented Norma on her report for tree trimming and all her help with the campus of St. Paul’s in keeping it beautiful.
Other Reports
1. Eleanor Reception:
Van reported the reception is coming along fine, but with rising prices asked to increase her budget.
The vestry approved. A purse has been collected for a going away gift for Eleanor.
2. Stewardship:
Steve asked that the 4 teams;
Communications- Fr. Tom
Ministry-Van and Rich
Projects-Peter and / or Rich
Stewardship and Financials- Steve
be prepared to give reports on progress in October. The connection team will plan for a ministry fair at the annual meeting, January 29.
3. Endowment Funds:
Steve discussed the need to deactivate the SOSP endowment fund and set up two endowment funds from the Greene money.  (Attached notes) The stewardship team feels two goals will be accomplished by doing this. 1. Perpetuate the future of St. Paul’s. 2. Perpetuate and grow the spiritual vitality of St, Paul’s.
4. St. Paul’s sign:
It was brought up that the service times be put on the other side of the sign. Fr. Tom will discuss this with our sexton, Gary.
5. Consecration of Bishop:
Fr. Tom announced he will be attending the Consecration of the Bishop Saturday, September 24.
The Reverend Dr. Douglas Frederick Scharf will be ordained and consecrated a Bishop at Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, Sarasota.
The meeting closed with prayer by Fr. Tom and the laying of hands-on Don Anderson. Don and Linda will be moving to New Jersey permanently in October. Expressions of gratitude were shared on how much Don will be missed. He shared many a wise ideas, joy, and volunteer work at St. Paul’s. We will miss you, Don.
 The next meeting will be October 22, 2022, in the library.
Respectfully submitted,
Van Geoghegan, Clerk of Vestry                                Deborah Avery, Recording Secretary   

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