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Vestry meeting of May 26, 2022

Vestry meeting of May 26, 2022
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Vestry Meeting Minutes
May 26, 2022
The Vestry met in Serson Hall at 6:30 pm.  Fr. Tom opened the meeting with a prayer.
Members Present: Fr. Tom, Rector; Peter Lund, Sr. Warden; Nora Broszeit, Treasurer; Joyce Cashin, Jr. Warden; Richard Breithaupt, Rich Shea, David Abernethy, Steve Carnell, Van Geoghegan, Judy Martin, Don Anderson, and Judy Allen attended by zoom.
Minutes: Peter Lund moved that the March minutes with changes be approved, and Judy Martin seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.
Continuation of organizing, goal setting and achieving from the Vestry Retreat:
Steve Carnell took a few minutes to tell a Bible story which reminded the Vestry to have eyes open to move forward. Team building was discussed in the areas of Ministry, Stewardship, Projects and Communications.
Reports from Fr. Tom:
1.  Election of Bishop Coadjutor: Fr. Tom was pleased to report that The Very Rev. Dr. Douglas Scharf was voted Bishop Coadjutor April 2, 2022. Fr. Scharf was a priest in Valrico, Florida and active in our diocese before answering a call to The Church of Good Shepherd in Tequesta, Florida. Fr. Tom has known Fr. Doug for many years.
The Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry will ordain The Very Rev. Dr. Fr. Douglas Scharf a Bishop September 24, 2022, in Sarasota, FL. In December Fr. Scharf will be installed as the 6th Bishop of the Diocese of S.W. Florida. Fr. Tom explained that Bishop Dabney Smith will retire December 31, 2022, due to continuing health problems with multiple myeloma.
2.  Audit
Parishes are required to submit annual audit forms. Nora Broszeit reported that she is assigning members of our parish sections of our forms which will be sent to the Diocese before September 1st.    
3.  Report on Staff:
Fr. Tom consulted our diocese’s CFO, Mike Booher, to get advice about finding a bookkeeper for our church after Virgil Manuel moved to north Florida. Mike suggested a plan is in the works to offer remote bookkeeping by a CPA able to work for several churches. Nora Broszeit has been volunteering to maintain our bookkeeping needs.
4.  July Vestry Meeting
Every vestry member agreed with Fr. Tom that July’s meeting could be skipped.
Other Reports:
1. Farmer’s Market: Peter Lund reported that a mailing is ready to send to seventy new vendors and fifty previous vendors. A new flyer has been passed out at four local markets and existing vendors as a coordinated marketing push. Suggestions from vendors include running the market until 1pm to draw more food vendors. St. Paul’s may set up an Outreach Booth with information about our church, with a map pinpointing cities, where our winter visitors call home in the summer months. The Gator Band is scheduled to return in November to entertain market shoppers. Occasional attractions and foundations will be invited such as a Blood Mobile. Signs have been ordered to place along Davis Blvd on our Farmer’s Market mornings.
Peter has confirmed that the Book vendor has retired. He gave St. Paul’s first option to buy his business equipment. In the past few years he brought his business only to our Farmer’s Market.
Peter concluded that online permitting with Collier County is complete for last spring. The Fire Dept. collects a fee from markets. The newest fee covers their inspection of propane tanks used by vendors at markets.
2. Disaster Plan: St. Paul’s has a complete plan of procedures to follow when a hurricane approaches.  It was updated last year. The Vestry will follow our disaster plan to protect our buildings and people.
3.  Cleaning Contract Update: Joyce Cashin and Peter Lund met in our buildings with Cordova Cleaning Service. In the future a committee will plan to inspect the cleaning services on a surprise date. Contract renewal is pending in the fall. Joyce agreed to give another report at the August Vestry meeting.
4.  Memorial Sign at Davis Blvd: Bill Strenkert, a long-time parishioner, has carried out several inspections of the memorial sign in the Davis Blvd yard. Diane Breithaupt has given Bill her suggestions. Bill asked Vestry for permission to rebuild the rotting parts of the sign using cypress boards, bolts, stucco and paint. Rich Shea made a motion and Don Anderson seconded the motion to allow Bill Strenkert to proceed with this project advising Joyce Cashin, Jr. Warden, of his progress. Vestry approved. 
5.  Laundry Love:  Rich Shea asked Vestry to support him and Jan Shea in an outreach project at local laundromats. This project has been introduced to the Sheas by St. Mark’s Church on Marco Island.  Since the price of using washing machines and dryers has risen volunteers from churches are bringing quarters to the laundromats to help families pay for their loads of wash. Rich asks that bags of quarters be saved to give to this need and for new volunteers to do the same.
1. Treasures Report: Nora Broszeit asked Vestry for suggestions to improve needed information from the financial reports created each month. She has been volunteering in the office each week until a new bookkeeper can be hired.
2. Financials: Nora reported on the financial reports. Reports attached.
Vestry stayed for an Executive Session. The time was 8:00 pm.
**The next meeting will be June 16, 2022  
Respectfully submitted,
Van Geoghegan, Clerk of Vestry                                Charlene Connolly, Recording Secretary

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