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Vestry meeting of April 28, 2022

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Vestry Meeting Minutes
April 28, 2022
The meeting was called to order by Fr. Tom at 6:30 pm, in the library of Serson Hall.
Members Present: Fr. Tom, Rector; Peter Lund, Sr. Warden; Nora Broszeit, Treasurer; Joyce Cashin, Jr. Warden; Richard Breithaupt, Judy Allen, Judy Martin, David Abernethy, Steve Carnell, Van Geoghegan and Don Anderson via phone. Rich Shea was absent.
Opening: Steve did a “get to know why you are at St. Paul’s exercise” followed by a prayer. 
Goal setting Team Building: Steve handed out the March meeting’s goals split up into 4 groups with leaders for each group. 
Communications- Fr. Tom 
Ministry-Van and Rich
Projects-Peter and / or Joyce
Stewardship and Financials- Steve
Each group leader was given the task to find 2-3 members for their team with a mission statement for their group by May’s vestry meeting and report to the group
1.  Holy Week:
Fr. Tom felt Holy Week went very well. Although Maundy Thursday and Holy Saturday were not very well attended.
2.  Vestry Retreat:
Fr. Tom encouraged the vestry to attend the retreat on May 7. Fr. Tom will send out the information to the vestry members this week.
3. Day Care Facility:  
Fr. Tom reported Don Anderson met a woman who would be interested in opening a Day Care Facility at St. Paul’s. Carole Bectold ran facilities in and around the Chicago area. Fr. Tom will give her a call and have her talk with the vestry at one of their monthly meetings about what her plans would be.
4. 60:
Fr. Tom would like to have parishioners of St. Paul’s donate $60 to the endowment fund, rather than give him a gift for his 60th birthday on July 4. Fr. Tom encouraged the vestry to spread the word, and possibly do a write up for the Weekly Update.
4. Audit:
Treasurer Nora announced the Audit is due to the diocese on September 1. A team of four people were needed. Nora volunteered along with Van and Judy Allen. One more volunteer is needed. May 12 is a Zoom workshop on the Audit.
Other Reports
1. Angel Tree:
Nora shared an outreach project to the vestry. Angel Tree Christmas. This project has the church buy gifts for children of prisoners, for Christmas. After a discussion, Nora was tasked with finding out if children of Naples would benefit. 
2. Farmers’ Market:
Peter said Michael Moore will host the volunteers of the market to a lunch at the Turtle Club. Peter has a committee on the lookout for vendors for 2022-23.
3. Memorial Garden:
A parishioner volunteered to donate marble for the face of the memorial in the garden. The vestry will run this by Diane Breithaupt, who has worked hard at sprucing up the gardens in the past couple of years. If this is of the approval of the gardeners, this will be approved by the vestry.
4. Cleaning Services:
Joyce said she had a call from a cleaning company who would like to bid on the services for St. Paul’s.
It was suggested that our needs are given to the company to find out how they would bid, and then do a background on the satisfaction of this company with other businesses.
5. Counters:
Van reported she found 3 volunteers for the counting positions for St. Paul’s. Van will be training them in.
6. Accountant:
Fr. Tom said at this time there was not a candidate for the position of accountant. 
Richard will do research on the possible candidate from St. Mark’s. Fr. Tom will advertise in the diocese for the position.
7. Insurance:
Richard said with the value of property in Collier County we should reevaluate our property values. 
Fr. Tom will check with Mike Booher , with the diocese, to see how other churches are handling this issue in 2022. If this is the case, our policies will have to be redone for insurance purposes.
8. May Minutes:
Richard made a motion to waive the reading of the May minutes, Nora seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.
9. Financials: Nora reported on the financial reports. Reports attached.
10. Contact Parishioners:
The vestry was tasked by Fr. Tom to look over the directory they received and call parishioners they have not seen in church or who they know are homebound.
The next meeting will be May 26, 2022, in the library.
Respectfully submitted,
Van Geoghegan, Clerk of Vestry Secretary
                                                                                           Deborah Avery,  Recording Secretary

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