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Vestry meeting of September 16, 2021

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Vestry Meeting Minutes
September 16, 2021
The Vestry meeting was called to order at 6:31 pm by Fr. Tom, in the library of Serson Hall.
Members Present: Fr. Tom, Rector; Rich Shea, Senior Warden; David Abernethy, Treasurer; Junior Warden; Joyce Cashin, Richard Breithaupt, Van Geoghegan, Judy Allen, with Nora Broszeit, Don Anderson, and Dick Emerson, via zoom. Guest: Steve Carnell.  
Fr. Tom opened the meeting with a prayer.
Minutes: Joyce moved that the August minutes be approved, and Rich seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved, following an amendment to add a member that was missing from the vestry attendance in August.
Financials: David reported on the financial reports. Total income was up 37% and total expenses were up 30%. Reports attached.
1.      Holy Name of Jesus agreement:
Fr. Tom reported he met via phone call with Bishop Smith and Canon Norman about an agreement with the Holy Name of Jesus Congregation.
Fr. Tom said he was asked to develop a simple agreement to be agreed upon with Holy Name of Jesus, and signed by December 31, 2021, to make it valid with the Diocese. 
2.        Sunday Service Time:
Fr. Tom announced he would like November-January to be a trial period for two services. 8 and 10 am. After this period the situation will be accessed as to whether or not keep two services, or go back to one.
3.      Vestry Elections:
Fr. Tom announced there are 5 members up to leave the vestry at the Annual Meeting. 2- one-year terms, and 3- three year terms. The nominating committee is Don, Dick, and David, the three whose terms are up.
4.      Vestry Meeting/ October:
Fr. Tom reported he is on vacation October 21, and asked if the vestry meeting could be October 28. All vestry members approved. 
5.      Elections:
Richard asked the vestry if they wanted to host a precinct for November 8, election. The team will collect $1350.00 for St. Paul’s if we volunteer. We would need a definite yes by October. 8 volunteers are needed. The vestry agreed St. Paul’s will do it this year. An announcement will have to be made by Weekly Update and during Sunday services for volunteers.
6.      Renters Contracts:
Fr. Tom appointed Don and Richard to review the contracts for 2022. It was decided the Armenian group rates would be raised from $100 to $125. The contracts will be updated and if rate changes need to be done, this will be taken care of before December 2021 so the Administrative Assistant has plenty of time to have them reviewed and signed by the groups renting.
7.      Long Range Plan:
Steve Carnell, the Long-Range Planning leader, for St. Paul’s, spoke to the vestry on the goals given to each vestry members in August. Attached is the list. Steve held a brainstorming time period, with the vestry, and came up with six Prioritized Goals to be addressed in the near future.
1.      Estate Planning Workshop on January 9, 2022
2.      Modernize Fundraising
3.      Adopt a Title 1 school (Lely)
4.      Repair/Replace/ Refresh the campus
5.      Recognize and Welcome new people who visit St. Paul’s
6.      Develop small in person groups at St. Paul’s
8.      SOSP:
Richard read the SOSP ( Diocese Endowment Management Program ) enabling resolution of 3/8/2012 and believe that the following changes might be appropriate:
1.      Amend Article I. 2.b (3) to increase an increased distribution can never exceed 10% of the market value (currently limited to 2%) and with a requirement that corpus never decline below $300,000.00.   Other limits on use of funds would remain.
2.      Amend Article III E to provide that a deferred gift of a promise to pay $1,000.00 within 10 months (either monthly or in a lump sum) shall be deemed approved by the Vestry.
Amending the resolution requires a 2/3 majority vote of the Vestry and part thereof the vote of either the Senior Warden or Rector, notice to the parish that includes a copy of the amendment and a confirming 2/3 majority vote (also including either the Senior Warden or Rector) occurring not less than 10 says after notice has been given.
A discussion among the vestry followed. Many ideas and suggestions were brought up and Richard will come up with the wording to be voted on at the next vestry meeting.
9.      Jr Warden's Report:
The St. Paul’s well has been fixed and the sprinkler system is now working.
Fixing of the parking lot will be done in October. Asphalt repairs are set for 10/11 and 10/12 with the sealcoating scheduled for Friday, 10/29. Not one can park at St. Paul’s till Saturday afternoon, 10/30. and at the beginning of November they will be back to seal the lot.  The paving contact was awarded to DG Paving.
A new lawn mower has been purchased, and has been put to use.
Working on several other projects 
Respectfully submitted, 
Joyce Cashin
10.  ECW Report:
The ECW  will begin holding meetings again as of October 6, with a guest speaker from Avow Hospice.  We have several great guest speakers set up for this year.   This program is open to all Women of the Episcopal Church.
The ECW is looking for help in the Gift Shop this year. You would work 8-10am, 10-12 or the entire 4 hours. You meet a lot of really nice and interesting  people.   Contact Marilyn Perry or Susan Larson if you know someone who is interested.  
We have received several thank you letters for donations for Out Reach that we made this year from the Gift shop sales last year.  A Reminder to start saving items you would like to donate to the January Bazaar.
The balance of the ECW treasury is $2,324.77
Respectfully submitted 
Joyce Cashin 
Adjournment was at 8:28 pm. Next meeting will be October 28, at 6:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Van Geoghegan, Clerk of the Vestry                                                 Deborah Avery, Recording Secretary

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