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Vestry meeting of August 19, 2021

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
 Vestry Meeting Minutes 
August 19, 2021
The Vestry meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by Fr. Tom, in the library of Serson Hall.
Members Present: Fr. Tom, Rector; Rich Shea, Senior Warden; David Abernethy, Treasurer; Junior Warden; Joyce Cashin, Richard Breithaupt, Van Geoghegan, Judy Allen, with Nora Broszeit, Don Anderson, and Dick Emerson, via zoom. 
Fr. Tom opened the meeting with a prayer.
Minutes: Richard moved that the June minutes be approved, and Joyce seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. 
Financials: David reported on the financial reports. Reports attached.
1.      Stewardship:
Richard reported the Stewardship Workshop will be via ZOOM on August 28. The vestry members are encouraged to watch this workshop. Linda Connelly will be retiring from the Stewardship Chair position. Fr. Tom and Richard will ask Linda if she would be willing to mentor the new chair in the position. 
2.      Rector’s Report:
Fr. Tom reported Bishop Smith will be visiting and celebrating the services at St. Paul’s February 6, 2022.

 Convocation is September 7, 2021, at 7 pm, St. Mary’s, Bonita Springs. Delegates Fr. Tom, Rich, Richard, and Nora will be attending.
The annual convention will be held October 16, 2021, virtually. Friday, October 15 the delegates are invited to virtually watch from home and on Saturday, October 16 the delegates will meet in Trinity Hall as a group to view the convention. The parish is encouraged to join, this will be announced before convention date.
Vestry members rotating off as members the end of December 2021 will be David and Don.  Fr. Tom appointed David, Dick, and Don to be the nominating committee for new vestry members. Three vestry members are needed for 3-year terms, and two are needed for a 1- year term.
3.      Richard Breithaupt report:
·         Richard made a motion to authorize Treasurer David to find a new company/bank for St. Paul’s to use for payroll and banking purposes within a reasonable distance from the St. Paul’s campus. Rich seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.
·         Richard, through much research with the Diocese and county of Collier has hired an Eminent Domain Attorney, Blake Gaylord, to investigate what is required for the county to claim deed of easement around the pump station on the corner of St. Paul’s property by Davis Blvd. The Attorney will be of no cost to St. Paul’s.
4.      Progress Report:
Fr. Tom reported on his two hopes for 2021, now that we are halfway through the year.
1.      Make it through the pandemic. We did and still will.
2.      Engage in Capital Improvements. We are on our way.
5.      Capital Improvements:
Fr. Tom, Richard, and Joyce have been meeting over the last few months. They were given a budget of $80,000.00 to work with for Capital Improvements. The monies for the attached projects will come to approximately $26,125.00 of the Alpheus Greene money donation. 
The attached list was unanimously approved by the Vestry. Attachment of breakdown of items. 
6.      By Laws:
Fr. Tom stated he met with Nora and Richard a few times in the last couple of months to study and update the By Laws. This procedure should be done every 5 years. The By Laws are still being worked on and will be presented to the vestry when they are ready. Fr. Tom presented three areas of concern for discussion. Should a vestry member be financially invested/pledger/or giver to St. Paul’s? Should we continue with
6-year terms for vestry members, with a year off, and another term? Employees or employee’s families cannot be on the vestry?
A discussion followed, and the By Law team will take into consideration the ideas brought up. The mood of the vestry was the vestry member would be expected to pledge, we would continue to allow two terms on the vestry before rotating off, and we will not add a prohibition to employees or family members being on the vestry.
7.      Holy Name of Jesus Use Agreement:
Fr. Tom will be meeting via ZOOM with Bishop Smith and Canon Norman on September 1, to discuss this agreement and will report to the vestry.
8.      Long Range Plan:
Fr. Tom introduced Steve Carnell, who has taken charge of the Long-Range Planning for St. Paul’s. Steve said he was willing to listen, share thoughts, and help anyone who would like assistance with their 6-month goals. Fr. Tom gave a task of at least one goal to the following vestry member to report at our September vestry meeting. Attached are notes from Steve’s Long Range Planning review.
Joyce- Building and Grounds
Van- Fellowship and Formation
Rich-Greeters and Newcomers to St. Paul’s
Nora-Pastoral Care
9.      Audit:
Treasurer David said the audit needed some corrections. David gave these to the Administrative Assistant to complete the audit. David thanked the audit team of Rich, Richard, Joyce, and Van. Plus he thanked the Comptroller and Administrative Assistant for all their help to the team.
10.  Junior Warden Property Report:
Joyce reported the church property looks good. A new problem is with the water well, which is being addressed.  
We are working on having the church sign fixed or replaced and getting the parking lot fixed.
God's Gardeners are doing a great job keeping the property looking good.  Kudos to them for all the work they have been doing every Thursday in the heat and being short helpers during the past couple months.
11.  ECW Report
Joyce reported that the ECW has not been active this summer. The balance is  $2.324.77. Meetings will begin in October with some great speakers lined up.
Adjournment was at 8:28 pm. Next meeting will be September 16 at 6:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Van Geoghegan, Clerk of the Vestry                                                 Deborah Avery, Recording Secretary

Long Term Planning notes from Steve Carnell 8/20/2021
Buildings:                    Joyce
Ø  Assess Buildings and Grounds (including Rectory) conditions
Ø  Develop maintenance plan, schedule maintenance and repairs as funds permit
Ø  Optimizing use of available land
Finance:                      Dave
Ø  Prepare and present annual and multi-year budgets to Vestry for approval
Ø  Monitor the budget monthly and update the Vestry
Ø  Assist Vestry and Rector in developing/allocating trust funds
Ø  Development and manage church’s investment portfolio
Fellowship:                  Van
Ø  Review existing and identify new fellowship opportunities moving forward
Ø  Create small in home bible study/fellowship groups
Ø  Establish luncheon program for seniors
Ø  Offer age-related counseling services
Ø  Host weddings, baptisms, bridal and baby showers
Formation:                   Tom
Ø  Create small in home bible study/fellowship groups
Ø  Sponsor a Spiritual gifts workshop
Ø  ID and offer new spiritual activities that promote personal spiritual growth
Ø  Investigate and engage in ecumenical activities through the E Naples Clergy Association
Greeters:                     Rich
Ø  Develop/train greeters
Ø  Collect visitor cards, encourage visitors to sign visitor book and analyze visitor data
Ø  Invite visitors to pin home parish location on U.S. Map
Ø  Post-Sunday visit follow up with visitors
Outreach:                    Judy
Ø  Reaching out to Lapsed members
Ø  Identify, organize and manage special events
Ø  Host weddings, baptisms, bridal and baby showers
Ø  ID and host culturally relevant, inclusive events open to the community
Ø  Create partnerships with other churches, ministries and educational providers to broaden the church’s connection with the community.
Pastoral Care:             Nora
Ø  Visit Shut-ins in their homes and provide them practical assistance
Ø  Visit Residents of Multi-care facilities
Ø  Explore options for transporting those w/o means to weekly services/events
Ø  Offer age-related counseling services
Stewardship:               Dick B
Ø  Promote authentic and regular giving
Ø  Develop a program for promoting wise personal asset management and disposition
Worship:                      TBD?  (Dick Emerson?)
Ø  Establish at least one non-Sunday Service
Ø  Worked with Rector to consider balance between formal/informal worship
FEASIBILITY (Ad Hoc Initiatives):
Ø  St. Matthew’s Steering Committee:
o   Members meet with representatives from SMH to explore/identify mutual objectives
o   If feasible, develop and implement joint objectives
Ø  Daycare Center Feasibility Study Committee:
o   Clarify proposed mission
o   Survey and visit other church daycare facilities
o   Investigate legal and financial considerations
o   Develop a business model and development plan
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