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Vestry meeting of January 21, 2021

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Vestry Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2021
The Vestry meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by Fr. Tom, in Trinity Hall so as to Social Distance safely.
Members Present: Fr. Tom, Rector; Charlene Connolly, Senior Warden; David Abernethy, Treasurer; Don Anderson, Junior Warden; Joyce Cashin, Lee Perry, Dick Emerson, Yvon Hive, Van Geoghegan, and Judy Allen. 
Fr. Tom opened the meeting with a thank you note to the Vestry for the gift of a new, beautiful white alb. For the evening prayer, Fr. Tom blessed the alb.
Introduction of Comptroller:
Fr. Tom introduced Virgil Manuel, the new St. Paul’s comptroller. Virgil gave a brief background of his life and current accounting business with his wife. Virgil said he was happy to be part of St. Paul’s staff.
Minutes: Van moved that the December minutes be approved, and Dick seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. 
Financials: David reported there were no reports on the financials until he is able to review them. With the turnover of comptrollers, the reports were received late.
1.      Farmers Market:
Dick reported the market started off very slow, but is gaining momentum. We have had new vendors almost every week and the customer base is picking up weekly. The market has been bringing in $1200 a week. Joyce made a comment that a local social media site has had glowing reviews of our market.
Captain Ken, who recently passed, will be remembered with a wreath, made by Diane Breithaupt, and displayed during the market on January 23. A card will be set out for fellow vendors to sign, and St. Paul’s will send to Ken’s widow, Audrey.
2.      Rector’s Report:
Fr. Tom reported St. Paul’s applied for the PPP loan forgiveness. Fr. Tom asked the vestry if we meet the guidelines, should we apply for the 2nd PPP loan available. A discussion was held and a unanimous decision would be yes, if we qualify.
3.      Sound in Church:
   Fr. Tom reported Tom Connolly is working with Pro-Sound Company on the sound system in church. The update will be around $700. There are 3 donors that have offered to cover the cost.
4.      Vestry Elections:
There are two candidates to fill the three vestry members whose terms are up. Nora Broszeit and Rich Shea are the two candidates. If a third is not nominated at the annual meeting, that person will be selected later in the year. Fr. Tom must be informed before the annual meeting if someone will be nominated.
5.      Delegate appointments for Convention:
Delegates will be appointed before March 1. Joyce Cashin offered to be a delegate. Don suggested we ask new members of the vestry to be delegates. This discussion was tabled till February.
6.      Junior Warden Property Report:
Don reported the campus is in good shape.  The Sexton has upgraded the irrigation system. A mystery surrounds who may have used the Sanctuary on Saturday nights and left the heat on. The Sexton has a complete list of when the facilities are in use and is checking as he walks his dog in the evenings.
We are researching  the types of locks we currently have, and the numerous keys distributed and what alternatives are available. We will have some recommendations by February.
7.      Rector Leave:
Fr. Tom stated he did not use eight days and 2 Sundays for leave in 2020 because of the pandemic and asked the vestry if he could transfer to 2021 four days and one Sunday.
Charlene made a motion and Van seconded the motion. The vestry approved the transfer of days with the amendment from David that after this year this will not occur again. The vestry approved the motion.
8.      Long Range Plans:
Fr. Tom reported Steve Carnell agreed to oversee the long-range plans for St. Paul’s. His work will begin after the new vestry members are elected. He is looking to meet with each vestry member and get their thoughts and feelings on St. Paul’s plans.
9.      Pathway:
Pathway will be changing their name to Pathways. Ken Eastlack will be looking for a core group of around 10 people to meet on a regular basis and plan fellowship events.
Van stressed she would like to see fellowship start up again. Even broaden the group that meets via Zoom would be wonderful. It is still agreed by the vestry not to open the kitchen up to groups because of the pandemic and proper cleaning needed.
10.  Lely Services:
Fr. Tom reported he will check into having regular monthly or biweekly services at Lely Senior Living Housing. Bev Sweet mentioned to him there were a few residents from St. Paul’s that would love to have services and communion at their residence.
Fr. Tom is very interested in beginning this adventure. The assisted living monthly services at Lely and Manor Care were not very welcoming, and have dissolved because of the pandemic.
11.  Stewardship:
Charlene reported that Linda Connelly has sent out a couple of emails about the campaign. The theme this year is “Faith-Filled Generosity”. The mailing of the pledge cards will be done the week of January 25. Consecration Sunday will be February 7.
Don followed the report with what he learned from Stewardship workshops he has attended in the past. He said stewardship should be all year, not just one time period in the year. We are a giving parish, all year.
12.  ECW:
Joyce said the balance in the ECW account is $588.55. Saturday, January 30, is the bazaar, during the Farmers’ Market and will be held outside. She reported on the certificate of appreciation from the Fire Department for all the toys St. Paul’s donated to the less fortunate children. 
13.  Annual Meeting:
St. Paul’s annual meeting is Sunday, January 31, right after service via Zoom in the church. Using Zoom will give people at home an opportunity to vote. Each parish in the Diocese is required to attempt to have an annual meeting. If a quorum is not met, the attempt is still made.
14.  Clergy Housing Allowance:
Whereas, the Reverend Doctor Thomas A Thoeni is compensated by St Paul’s exclusively for services as a minister of the Gospel; and
Whereas, St Paul’s provides Fr Thoeni with rent-free use of a church-provided Rectory as a compensation for services that he renders to the church in the exercise of his ministry; and
Whereas, Fr Thoeni incurs expenses for living in church-provided housing; therefore it is hereby 
Resolved, that $5000.00 of the annual compensation paid to Fr Thoeni for the calendar year of 2021 is hereby designated to be a housing allowance pursuant to Section 107 of the Internal Revenue Code, and it is further
Resolved, that the designation of $5000.00 as a housing allowance shall apply to the calendar year 2021 and all future years unless provided by the Vestry; and it is further
Resolved, that as additional compensation to Fr Thoeni for the calendar year 2021 and all future years unless otherwise provided for by the Vestry, Fr Thoeni shall be permitted to live in the church-provided Rectory located at 3950 Estey Avenue, and that no rent or other fee shall be payable by Fr Thoeni for such occupancy and use.

Vote was done via email on January 22, 2020.
15.  Vestry Members:
Fr. Tom and the vestry thanked the outgoing members for their work and input on the vestry. Outgoing members are Charlene Connolly, Yvon Hive, and Lee Perry.
Adjournment was at 7:42 pm. Next meeting will be February 18 at 6:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Lee Perry, Clerk of the Vestry                                                Deborah Avery, Recording Secretary

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