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Vestry meeting of May 26, 2016

Vestry Meeting Minutes

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Naples, FL

April 21, 2016

Members Present: Fr. Bill Faupel (Priest-in-Charge), Dick Breithaupt (Sr. Warden), Don Anderson, Van Geoghegan (Jr. Warden), Hal Brundage, Charlene Connolly, Alan Cragg, Yvon Hive, Bev Whiteman, Barbara, Adrienne McGrain

Members Absent: Patti Loree

The meeting was called to order by Sr. Warden Dick Breithaupt at 6:33 p.m. followed by an opening prayer by Fr. Bill.

March Minutes were unanimously approved with the direction to post them. Moved by Van/Seconded by Alan.

March financials were put on hold and will be sent out as soon as Treasurer Hal has the information he needs to prepare them.

New Business:

  1. Appointment to fill Vestry Vacancy.

Richard moved and Alan seconded a motion a recommendation that Lee Perry be appointed to fill the Vestry vacancy created by the resignation of Judy Martin. The motion was approved by acclimation. (Judy resigned because her new job requires her to work evenings, thereby preventing her to attending Vestry meeting.)


  1. Policy Preventing Loans to Church Staff.

Barb moved and Bev seconded a motion to establish a policy prevent loans (including discretionary funds) to be in compliance with diocesan guidelines. The motion was unanimously approved.


  1. Church Audit

Alan moved and Don seconded a motion 1) a complete audit of property, furniture, equipment and furnishing with values attached be completed by no later than December 31, 2016; and 2) and maintained an established schedule to assure that the inventory be kept current. Moved by The motion was unanimously approved.



  1. Change of Employment Status

Alan moved and Barb seconded a motion to table a recommendation to reclassify the employment status Music Director (Eleanor Phelps) and the Music Leader (Dan Dickout) from “self-employed independent contractors” to “employees of St. Paul’s” effective May 1, 2016 to be incompliance with diocesan interpretation of federal guidelines. (Fr. Bill stated that Eleanor wanted to speak with Janet Ross before the Vestry takes such action).




  1. Congregational Survey

Don moved and Alan seconded a motion to charge the Communications Team to obtain St. Paul’s constituents input on the initiatives agreed upon at the Vestry retreat by using “Survey Monkey.” The motion was unanimously approved. (Barb requested ideas for questions be submitted to her by April 25th).


  1. Local Churches Survey

Don moved and Alan seconded a motion to charge the Worship Team to: 1) conduct a survey of Naples area churches who have Saturday afternoon/evening services to determine such questions as: a) what factors were taken into consideration to start such a service; b) is the service contemporary or traditional; c) what age groups do the services attract; d) the percentage of permanent residents and the percentage seasonal e) the percentage of single adults, families with young children, older adults attending; d) are the services reaching a predetermined targeted audience e) are the services held in the church or parish hall; and 2) report back findings and possible recommendations no later than the September 2016 Vestry meeting. The motion was unanimously approved.



  1. Report on Federal Guideline Concerning Employment Status

A report from Parish Accountant giving background information for the tabled motion to change the employment status was distributed.



  1. Safeguarding God’s Children

Fr. Bill reported that the dioceses is revising the content of Safeguarding God’s Children. When completed, the new program can be taken on-line by everyone whose Parish positions require them to take it.


  1. 2016-17 Farmer’s Market & Yard Sale

Don reported that a group consisting of Dick Breithaupt, Fr Bill, Burton Tucker, Jeff Page, Jim Crosby and Roger Conant, met to discuss the future of the Farmer’s Market. The County Commissioners are considering change the law to make the Market Manager responsible to make sure that all vendors have obtained and display a current license from the county. Jeff is not willing to assume that responsibility.


He further reported the following changes and needs for next year’s Market:

  1. Alan has agreed to request and sign the agreement to host the market.

  2. An On-Site Manager is needed. Jeff will continue to do the preregistration of vendors.

  3. Jim Crosby need’s an assistant and more volunteers.

  4. A replacement in needed for Joe Meghreblian who is retiring.

  5. We will need a new system for taking phone calls from potential vendors.

  6. Jeff will attend the May meeting of the County Commissioners when the change of law is scheduled to be discussed.

  7. The May Yard Sale has been canceled.


  1. Ecumenical Concert

Fr. Bill reported that an Ecumenical Concert will be held at East Naples United Methodist Church one Sunday afternoon in September. The event will be billed as a fundraiser for St. Matt’s House.


  1. Worship Team Update

Bev reported that the Worship Team meet to review the Holy Week Services and make recommendations for possible changes for 2017.

  1. Palm Sunday was a bit congested with all the congregation circling the inside of the nave waving palm branches. Fr. Bill will give clearer directions next year.

  2. A recommendation was made to have Fr. Bill read the part of Jesus and to select other readings for the congregation for the Palm Sunday Service.

  3. They all loved the Maundy Thursday joint service with the Haitian Community. Fr. Bill said he would consider not giving a homily to shorten the service.

  4. Fr. Bill said he would work with the Altar Guild next year to have a more coordinated “Stripping of the Alar” at the end of the service.

  5. No recommended changes were made for the Good Friday Service which was well attended.

  6. In view of the good attendance of the Good Friday service, it was recommended that St. Paul’s not participate in the Ecumenical Service which is scheduled for the same time.

  7. It was recommended that the Easter Vigil begin at 7:45 pm so that church is dark when the fire is lighted.

  8. Some concern was raised about circling the church with lighted candles.

  9. No changes were recommended for the Easter Service. Everyone seemed to love it, especially the flowering of the cross.

  10. It is recommended to have four ushers scheduled: tow to hand out flowers; two to hand out bulletins. There would also be sufficient ushers to take up the offering on\ the side aisles for the expanded congregation who attend on Easter.


  1. Memorial Gift for Landscaping

Fr. Bill reported that Connie Cunningham presented the church with a check for $500 in memory of King Cunningham to be used for landscaping upgrades.


  1. Date of May Vestry Meeting (May 19 at 6:30)


Dick moved and Bev seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:18 p.m. The motion was unanimously approved.

Respectfully Submitted


Deb Avery Recording Secretary

Patti Loree Vestry Clerk


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