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3901 Davis Blvd., east of Airport Road

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What the children are learning

Year: A,   Grade: Intermediate,    Quarter: I

The Covenant

God Preserves Creation Gen 9:13,16, Noah, Flood, Rainbow
God Calls His People to Covenant Gen 15:5; 17:9 Abraham and Sarah, Isaac
Moses Receives the Ten Commandments Ex20:3
God Provides Leaders, Joshua Leads Jericho Deut 10:5
Place for the Ark, Temple of Solomon Chron 3:1, Ps 51:15
Covenant People Divided--Two Kingdoms, Solomon's Death IKings 12:16, Ps 122:1 124:8
Covenant People in Exile, Ps 137:1
Covenant People Return, Ezra and Nehamiah, Is 40:3
All Saints Ps 145:10-13

Year: A,   Grade: Intermediate,    Quarter: II


Prophets' Vision: A New Covenant Jeremiah, Isaiah
Isaiah's Vision: Salvation Is 9:6, Jer 31:33 Emmanuel
Angel Gabriel Speaks of Visions Fulfilled Ps 40:8, Lk 1:30, Jesus
Mary's Song for Christmas Lk 1:47, 2:11
Mary's Song for Christmas Lk 1:47, 2:11
Blind Bartimeus Is 35:5-6, Mk 10:53
Healing the Paralyzed Jer 17:14, Mk 2:12
Cleansing 10 Lepers Lk 17:19, John 11:25 see Cook poster
Raising of Lazarus (review sessions 1-8) see Cook poster

Year: A,   Grade: Intermediate,    Quarter: III

Baptism: New Life

Baptism of Jesus Matt 28:19, Act 1:8 see Cook poster
Baptism and Our Belief Matt 28:19, Acts 1:8 see Homily Book pg11
Baptism and Our Living Ps 121:2 Homily Bk pg 79, John 8:12, Acts 52:42
Baptized by Water and the Spirit Acts 52:38, Eph 4:4-6
Receiving the Newly Baptized Romans 15:57
Jesus is Servant Matt 20:28, John 13-15 Cook poster-Jesus Blesses Children
Jesus Was Crucified John 14:1-6, 15-13
Jesus was Raised from the Dead John 20:29, 1 Cor 15:21, II Cor 5:17
Jesus Offers New Life (review sessions 1-8)

Year: A,   Grade: Intermediate,    Quarter: IV

The Apostle Paul

Paul the Hebrew Romans 1:16, 5:1 Cook poster Paul's Trials, Arrested, Shipwrecked
Paul the Convert Gal 2:20, Eph 2:8, Phil 3:13-14, see Homily Bk pg 49
Paul the Apostle Acts 14:4,14, see Homily Bk pg 31, Romans 16:7 Cook P-Apollos/Jesus
Paul the Traveler Acts 16:1-5, II Tim 1:1-7 see Homily Bk pg 65, see Cook poster Lydia
Paul the Missionary Phil 1:3-11 Cook poster Boy Eutychus, Philemon's Slave
Paul the Writer Eph 1:3, 15:3-10
Paul the Leader I Cor 6:19-20, 11:23-28, Gal 5:16-25, Phil 2:1-11 Cook poster
Paul the Paster 1 Tim 4:12 see Homily Bk pg 61
Pentecost: Festival of the Spirit John 20:19-22, Acts 2:29-36

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