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3901 Davis Blvd., two blocks east of Airport Road


3901 Davis Blvd., east of Airport Road

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By Tom Thoeni, Feb 16, 2021

Discover something new this Lent!

As a priest I am expected to keep confidences. I take this expectation VERY seriously. However I want to expose one of the best kept secret at St Paul's.

Our website is a very well done collection of information and tools. Perhaps the best kept secret in our parish is the tool called Family Ties.  Here's the link:

This feature allows us to be in conversation with each other and to stay connected. 

To support this feature, to introduce it, and to provide a Lenten discipline for St Paul's this season, I will endeavor to post a daily reflection on a passage from the readings for the Morning/Evening Prayer. It will sort of be like St Paul's own in-house Day by Day, but with the added bonus of being able to respond and engage with others spiritually during the season of Lent.  

I hope this will be both an introduction to the extensive tools of our website and a way for us to grow deeper and closer during this peculiar Lent.

God bless us and nurture us in this holy season.


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