And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof; it shall be a jubilee unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family.

— Leviticus 25:10 (Jewish Publication Society translation)

Celebrating Jubilee!

December 2016

Our Jubilee! got under way when we wore our brand new Jubilee! tee shirts to greet Bishop Smith, Dec. 11

One of our goals this Jubilee! year is to gain 50 new members of St. Paul's!

January 2017

Wanting to sign up 50 for new ministries in the church, we exceeded that goal at the Jan. 6 Ministry Fair! (Photo at left) Then we celebrated Jubilee! with a parish dinner Jan. 26, where the focus was on our outreach to the children in the Dominican Republic. More pictures on our Facebook page.

February 2017

Holy Sweetness

Fifty-six Jubilee! cakes and pies exceed the goal of 50 are blessed here by Fr. Bill as Bill Strenkert reads a prayer of thanks. "We thank all the bakers and providers of these magnificent variety of baked goods which are offered to your glory. We pray that those who are less fortunate enjoy the sweetness of the brotherly love represented here."

The February Jubilee! fellowship event, a spaghetti dinner, was held Feb. 9 in Trinity Hall. Go to our Facebook page to see photos taken at the dinner.

A lovely flower arrangement was at every table,
thanks to a memorial from the sisters of the late
Theresa Blois

We welcomed our former associate rector, the Rev. Dwayne Varas, and his family to the "Jubilee! Winter Festival" on Feb. 26. Now the rector at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Thomasville, Ga., Dwayne delivered the homily at both services and spoke at a luncheon that followed.

Dwayne donned a 50th tee
Dwayne and his wife, Elizabeth and their girls, Emma and Isabel

March 2017

Parishioners wrote meditations for the 40 days of Lent

We asked parishioners and folks at the Farmers' Market to sign up to donate 50 pints of blood! The bloodmobile will be at the market on April 1.

We published a booklet of meditations for Lent, comprised of writings of parishioners and friends of St. Paul's. (The meditations are published every day on the home page, as well. To read all of them, click here.)

April 2017

Our April Jubilee! challenge was met when we signed up all 50 hours of prayer during Holy Week. We started with the Stations of the Cross on Wednesday evening and ended with the Great Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday evening. Thanks to all who prayed, and please don't stop!

Some tips on how to pray

Here are the parishioners who signed up for an hour or more:

  • Bill & Sheila S.
  • Alan Cragg
  • Richard Breithaupt
  • Donald Anderson
  • Hal & Lillian Brundage
  • Darlene Shoemaker
  • Whole Church*
  • Whole Church*
  • Whole Church*
  • Fr. Al Pike
  • Carol Conant
  • Judy Cimaglia
  • Marcie Cragg
  • Judy Allen
  • Jean Silver
  • Lynne LaMarca
  • Joan Farmer
  • Whole Church*
  • Ann Cruickshank
  • Katie Judnich
  • Gwen McLaughlin
  • Adrienne McGrain
  • Mary Abrams
  • Tom Connolly
  • Joanne Irwin
  • Whole Church*
  • Melene Davila
  • Melene Davila
  • Whole Church*
  • Melene Davila
  • Fr. Bill
  • Kay Richardson
  • Barbara Abernethy
  • Nora Broszeit
  • Brian Richardson
  • Frances Nadeau
  • Jean Hayes
  • Gene and Susie Bartley
  • Charlene Connolly
  • Susan Larson
  • Barb Kling
  • Roger Conant
  • Bill Kling
  • Joy Hambly
  • Sara Blanchard
  • Dave Abernethy
  • Irene Martin
  • Barbara Stone
  • Cheryl McGee
  • Charles Smith

* Where it says "Whole Church" there was a liturgy or devotion, specifically the Way of the Cross on Wednesday of Holy Week; Maundy Thursday foot-washing and Holy Eucharist, the Good Friday noon service and and extended devotional by our Haitian community; and the Great Vigil of Easter at 6 p.m. on Holy Saturday.

May 2017

We asked parishioners what God's grace enables them to do as God's hands in this world, whether they're in Naples or away for the summer. We got lots of responses and brought them to the Lord at offertory.

Then we pinned those that fit our poster (photo), and put it on display in Trinity Hall. All the works are anonymous, of course.

Fr. Bill said these words of blessing at the offertory:

Father, each week we are sent forth from this place of worship with a charge to “Go in peace to love and serve the Lord” or sometimes to “God forth into the world, rejoicing in the power of the Spirit." Today as part of our offering to you, we have gathered these slips of paper which represent but a fraction of the hours that your people who gather here each week give in service to our community in your name.

I thank you Father, for the dedication and commitment of this people. Today as we celebrate our common life together, I ask again that you bless each of them and keep them, make your face to shine upon them and be gracious unto them. May you turn your face toward them and give them peace. Amen

June 2017

50 vintage (at least 50 years old) recipes for a Jubilee! cookbook.

July 2017

50 new pew books, replacing heavily used Books of Common Prayer and adding new Praise and Worship hymn books. 1

August 2017

50 parishioners pledging to lose five pounds. Pledge in August and lose in August, or September or ... just lose it!

September 2017

50 new plants.

October 2017

Add $50 to your 2018 pledge!

November 2017

50 Dominican Republic children sponsorships!

December 2017

Welcome our 50th new member of the Jubilee! year.

January 2018

Jubilee! Grand dinner celebration with the bishop to kick off our 51st year!